The Geek Goes To Paris – Day 1

Day 1 – Friday 21st March
Backtracking now. It’s been an eventful March! If I knew Eason Chan was going to perform in Paris I would’ve went to his concert today… Oh well!!
During our trip to Stonehenge and Bath, Miss Pinky and I decided to take a trip to Paris via coach. It’s the cheapest and the only type of transport that Miss Pinky likes minus the EuroTunnel and ferry. Cost us £44 for a return trip to and from Paris. I actually would have preferred to take a train but EuroStar is so costly and you really have to plan in advance to get the cheapest tickets or wait until they are on sale.

We got to Victoria Coach Station before 8am. But we were actually late! I didn’t realise we had to check in for EuroLines as we never had to before on other coach journeys. Thankfully Miss Pinky spotted the message otherwise we would have missed our entire trip!! Luckily we got to the coach in time. There were plenty of seats left but no two seaters so we had to sit separately. 😦 Nevermind!! We learnt our lesson in case we go on another European coach trip with Eurolines.

Once we were on the EuroTunnel we had another hours drive and had a short break at a gas station before moving on… Our drivers were French and unfortunately they didn’t speak very good English.

The drive took another 2-3 hours on the road and finally we reached Gallieni, Paris! Next we had to figure out how to get to the hotel so we took the Metro, line M3 to Bourse which was the directions given to me on… It is actually not the best route and we found a better one when we went back! When we got off Miss Pinky wanted a drink, unfortunately the bartender didn’t speak much English so I tried in the little French I know to get her her biere… 😛 She got a half pint for €4. That’s expensive!!!!

Now we went to find our hotel… My phone didn’t give the best directions, and so we ended up in the Palais Royale area! Oh dear, we were LOST!! How did that happen?! Stupid phone… We asked a few people but they didn’t know either… Finally my phone gave me the right directions after I keyed in the hotel name… It was an 18 minute walk… BOOOO!

Stumbled across Notre Dame

Thankfully we found it and we came across quite a few restaurants and we were deciding what to eat. I think Miss Pinky was about to burst with anger if we didn’t find the hotel soon. Heheheh.

After resting for a few moments we went out to find a place to eat. There’s a lot of Chinese restaurants around the area and so we ended up in a Chinese restaurant called Saveurs de Chengdu. I warned Miss Pinky that this place will have very spicy food, and she said she wanted to try it out… ¬,¬”” Oh great!!

Well, the owners speak Mandarin, French and English! And the menu? It was on an iPad!! Woooow!! We ordered quite a few things and here’s what we had…

This is pig intestines with a lot of peppers. It was a bit fatty and a bit too salty for me.

Pig intestines

 Miss Pinky ordered this one… Pork belly slices with LOTS of peppers.

Pork Belly

 I had this dan dan mian (noodles carried on a pole). It was good and tasted a little spicy.

Dan dan mian

 Miss Pinky ordered a squid dish. The squid was overcooked and Miss Pinky didn’t like it that much.

Squid dish

 This is a new dish in the restaurant. Fried fish. This is good but Miss Pinky found it too spicy… Not for me though. It was quite good!

Fried fish

Our bill

Total cost came to €67.70 (~£58) with a few beers… London prices!

My geeky rating: 4.5/5 (too many peppers in each dish, I think other vegetables would have been nice in these dishes. Great service though!!!).

Address: Saveurs du Chengdu 46 rue Richer, 75009 Paris, France

I never knew how many Chinese people live in France. Wow!! ^_^

Afterwards, we went for a little walk onto the main road and went to find the nearest Metro station… Not far…

End of Day 1.

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