Backstreet Boys – In A World Like This Tour – London O2

My 400th Post!!! 

Back at the O2 already? Yep!! This time I’m joined with Miss Pinky and Miss Money. Both of them have met each other in the past but haven’t seen each other in a while I believe.

Well, yes, I am a Backstreet Boys fan. (Don’t boo me for being a fan) In the past I thought they were just a copy cat of Take That, but I soon grew to like them after listening to their songs. I still have their CD’s somewhere but have digitised everything. ^_^ I’m not the only fan from my secondary school days to have went to this concert, and a couple of old classmates went to!! ^_^ I managed to see one but not the other unfortunately.
So The Exchange who are an a-capella group came on first. As we sat down they started singing. Wow. Good timing!!
Sorry for bad quality pictures. I should have used my Nikon camera.

Next came All Saints.
Mr Bear loves them to bits and thought they were pulled out of the concert. No my dear. They weren’t… So I took loads of videos and some pictures for him!!

Here’s the All Saints Videos:

And finally after a short wait the Backstreet Boys came on!!! I love them all. And it was my one dream to go to a Backstreet Boys concert… After all these years, this is the first one I’ve been to!!

This was a brilliant concert!! It was a full house and they sold out too!! Woooooow!!!! So happy for them. I loved it, Miss Pinky and Miss Money loved it, and my old schoolmates loved it too! I must go to their next concert whenever that will be. XD
I must say, they could give the Korean boy bands a run for their money, and I think Americans and the Europeans need more boy bands that can sing and dance…
Videos will be up soon… Not sure how long it will take… Keep coming back to find out!

Here’s one video so far from the Backstreet Boys… Their opening song…

And finally the rest of the songs!!

Video 1 – Incomplete

Video 2 – As Long As You Love Me

Video 3 – Safest Place To Hide (a capella) & 10,000 Promises

Video 4 – Madeline

Video 5 – Trust Me

Video 6 – Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)

I want to see them again… Come back to London soon!!!!

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