Yaki Japanese Bakery – London Goodge Street

Er I went to a zumba class today, and secretly I enjoyed it… reminded me of being back in secondary school!! ^_^ Well now I’m going to talk about food… XD
When I went to eat at Koba with Miss Posh a few weeks ago we came across this place called Yaki which is a “Japanese Bakery”. I wanted to try this place out because I haven’t had an okonomiyaki for a while and wanted to try out their takoyaki balls. Well, I had a day off (the day before my birthday) and I decided to go here!
Yaki Japanese Bakery
The place looks very neat. Has a Japanese feel to it… 
Inside Yaki
I think I had a hard time deciding although I had already looked at the menu online beforehand… I wanted the Yaki-Combo! This meant I could have any okonomiyaki, 6 pieces of taco-yaki, a salad and a drink for £7.29. That’s not a bad deal for lunch although just a tiny bit expensive.
Here’s my okonomiyaki with some brown sauce and mayo on top. I chose the ham and cheese filling. Unfortunately it wasn’t that great. I miss the taste of the cabbage and the way it’s prepared (like the one in Brixton).
Ham and cheese filling
Here’s my drink and my udon salad… These weren’t bad at all, and I really like this! The salad dressing was not bad at all.
My drink and udon salad
I actually did take a close up picture of the taco-yaki, unfortunately it didn’t capture the images onto my phone 😦 … The taco-yaki was cold I’m afraid and so I didn’t enjoy it that much.
My meal
The one thing I did enjoy was this banana and choco tai-yaki!! It was freshly made, and it just tasted awesome!! This one’s a thumbs up! 
Shape of a koi fish
Banana and chocolate filling!! Yummy!!
Total cost came to £9.28. It wasn’t a very bad meal, but the food could have been hotter.
My geeky rating: 3.5/5
Good points:
– The tai-yaki was a surprise. It tasted really good!
– Clean place
– Nice service
Bad points:
– Hot food became cold food too quickly
– Just a little expensive for lunch
Address: 53 Goodge St, London W1T 1TG ‎

4 thoughts on “Yaki Japanese Bakery – London Goodge Street

  1. I defo recommend the tai-yaki. I want to try out the green tea and white chocolate one. They've also got azuki cheese (i think that's azuki beans and cheese) – weird combo!


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