Mama Thai – London Walworth Road

Continuing from my day off work (which feels like decades ago) I went to Mama Thai on the Walworth Road. I went there a few years ago with Miss Pinky to compare with Kai’s in Kingston and I hadn’t been back since because I was too lazy to go in. I think Miss Pinky likes Kai’s, and I don’t we have found a place as good as them.
I pass this place nearly every day, and every time I pass it in the evening it looks empty from the outside, but you can’t really see the inside very well as it looks dark from the outside. On some evenings and lunch periods they do get quite a few customers, but I don’t think a lot of people eat Thai food around this area… That’s a shame. On the day I went there were only two customers. Eat Thai food people!! It’s good for colds!!
Mama Thai

From the inside it looks like a very posh restaurant. [Side note: I’m not a massive fan of eating at posh, posh restaurants that have famous chefs or owned by famous people. Food is what really matters – and it has to taste GOOD!].

Lovely decorative place

Quiet restaurant
I already knew what I wanted to eat but I had a quick check on the menu to see if there was anything different from the one online… No changes on the menu.
I ordered the prawn tom yum soup. This is a traditional Thai soup, it’s spicy, a little tangy and there was a lot in this bowl. I generally like the one in Kingston as the soup was a little thicker or darker in colour, but this was good.
Tom yum soup with prawns

Next I started on this green curry. I love green curry especially when there are aubergines and loads of sauce which there was in this dish. It had a spicy kick into it, and it was very filling with the rice. I felt very full after eating this, and very pleased with myself for coming as it has been so long!

Chicken green curry

 You might be overwhelmed with the number of spoons you get, but each dish will have one spoon with it to avoid mixing of foods I guess.

Boiled rice

I can’t remember if I have mentioned in the past but I had learnt that drinking coconut milk is the best way to cool yourself whilst eating spicy food, and that’s what I ordered – a coconut cooler. This was really nice. It was like having a coconut milkshake / pudding.

Coconut cooler
I would have ordered dessert but I was too full and needed to buy an early birthday cake at the time. ^_^
Total cost came to £19.40. It is a little pricey, but I don’t blame them as customer turnout might be low.
My geeking rating: 4.5/5
Good points:
– Quiet place to eat Thai food
– Friendly service
– Good portions of food
Bad points:
– A little pricey (but worth it if you don’t go often)

Address: 235 Walworth Rd, London SE17 1RL
Telephone: 020 7277 2734

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