Old Justice – London Bermondsey (now at K Place, St Mary-at-Hill…)

This place has now moved and renamed: K Place, 1 St Mary-at-Hill London EC3R 8EE 

From eating expensive an Korean bbq meal to eating cheap Korean food…

Whilst watching a Korean drama (the online English subbed version XD) called Let’s Eat, I started looking online to see if there were any cheap Korean restaurants that did a do-your-own grill that you often see in Korean dramas. And I found one in Bermondsey which is not far from where Miss Pinky lives!! Yeah!! 

Miss Pinky, Mr Picky and I already passed through there at the start of March, but unfortunately there were no tables and they said we needed to book a table… (I swear I never knew as it was not mentioned in a few reviews I read). Oh that was an unfortunate opportunity. So in the end I found their number on their Facebook page. I think they have changed their numbers quite often and have now stuck to a mobile number. Booked a table for 3 and voila.
Old Justice used to be a pub, and I believe it was bought by a Korean and turned it into a restaurant with people living above, so you actually have to be a bit quiet when leaving.
Old Justice – Have used this picture in a previous post
It looks quite small on the inside considering this used to be a local pub!
Not very good lighting on the inside
There is a lot of choice on the menu, so it was a little hard to decide, but I definitely wanted to try out the barbecue meat. And so I chose the £18.99 (per person) Unlimited meat special with a lot of side orders. I think the minimum number of people to order it has to be 2 people and so Miss Pinky said she will have the same with me. Yay!! The only problem is, if a person in your group of people does not order the same thing, they cannot have any of the meat grilled or they will be charged the £18.99. Clever Koreans.
Mr Picky chose a set menu but we swapped a lot of the dishes around as he didn’t like some of the ingredients in the dishes… Miss Pinky and I were also teaching how to us chopsticks too! ^_^
All the side dishes came first…

Kimchi was so-so, not as nice as the ones in Koba or Woo Jung.

Kimchi cabbage

This was Mr Picky’s pancake, he didn’t attempt it because it had pieces of mussel in it… Just needed some seasoning in it…


Mussels were good!!


This is fried chicken and sweet potato. We all enjoyed this one. ^_^

Fried chicken and sweet potato

The dumplings Mr Picky ordered but in the end it wasn’t what he wanted so Miss Pinky and I ate this…

Pork dumplings

Here’s the side salads and veggies to bbq!! ^_^

Veggies to bbq

Seasoned lettuce

Round lettuce for the meat

Here’s also another side this… a cold bibimbap. Miss Pinky likes it in those hot stone bowels, but she took this home to eat in the end.


Mr Picky ordered this sweet bbq beef and rice. He liked this one.

Sweet marinated beef and rice

And time to bbq!! We got a mix of beef and pork here. And we all cooked by ourselves… You get tongs and scissors by the way…

BBQ time!!

Almost done!!

still cooking!!

After the first round of meat, we went for the marinated meat… You can have an unlimited amount of meat if you go for the £18.99 per person bbq deal…!!!

Marinated meat

The bill
Total cost came to £67.62 including a 10% service charge. Very good meal for 3 people!!

My geeky rating: 5/5
Good points:
– Cook your own meat
– Cheap Korean style cuisine
– Located south of the river and easy to get to
– Ok service… not the best, but ok

Bad points:
– Have to book a table to get a table for definite
– Person who doesn’t pay for the unlimited bbq cannot eat anything that is cooked by the other person(s)
Address: 94 Bermondsey Wall E, London SE16 4TY
Moved to K Place, 1 St Mary-at-Hill London EC3R 8EE 
Tel: 020 7621 0002

https://www.facebook.com/oldjustice – Check their Facebook page for their phone number (in case it changes)

2 thoughts on “Old Justice – London Bermondsey (now at K Place, St Mary-at-Hill…)

  1. Hi. If you'd like to try a real Korean BBQ experience like in Korea, go in Finchley Central to the Korean restaurant called YIJO. They have real charcoal BBQ tables! And the kimchi is the best. Homemade by the Chef. He even gives cooking classes. ^^


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