Kaspa’s Desserts – London Walworth Road

Ok, lazy geeky blogger is back! And it’s finally Easter!! ^_^
Today I’m going to blog about Kaspa’s which is an ice cream / dessert shop which has opened for a few weeks in the Walworth Road. It’s practically the first of its kind in the area, although you can buy desserts and coffee and milkshakes in nearby coffee shops or restaurants and supermarkets.

They opened on Saturday 29th March and they were doing discounts on all purchase on both that Saturday and Sunday… And I went on both days with MummyGeek.

Kaspa’s on Walworth Road
There are many ice cream flavours in this store!!
So much ice cream!!
The inside looks really dark but as you sit down there’s a bright light shining on top of the table.

On the first day, I ordered a cappuccino and the Mango Mania…

My cappuccino
This is the Mango Mania. It looks massive! The vanilla ice cream was the bomb. ^_^ Smooth and not too sweet. The sourness of the mango sauce went well with the vanilla ice cream, and there were real pieces of mango included too!! Overall a satisfying ice cream
Mango Mania!!

The next day (the Sunday) I went again with MummyGeek and this time I wanted to try out the waffle. I got my mother this Strawberry Mousse cake. The cake was good but the strawberry on top looked bad.

Strawberry Mousse

And for myself I wanted to try out a waffle and I chose this Strawberry n Butterscotch. It was so filling I couldn’t move after eating this. Didn’t realise a scoop of vanilla ice cream went with this. Verry good stuff!!
Strawberry n Butterscotch waffle

It was a good weekend of desserts… XD
And somehow I won Shot of the Week with a picture of the Mango Mania. So the following weekend I tried out the Ferrero Rocher Sundae, which unfortunately was melting away whilst I was taking shots of it. I think I preferred the Mango Mania. That was more satisfying than this one.
Ferrero Rocher Sundae

It’s melting!!!

I forgot the prices, but it was all less than £10 for each occasion…

Overall this place a good place to eat dessert. You might find yourself surrounded with little kids and teenagers. It’s almost like a hangout already!!

My geeky rating: 5/5

Good points:
– Love the vanilla ice cream
– Big sundaes and waffles

Bad points:
– A tiny bit expensive
– A bit dark in the place… makes it very atmospheric!

Address: 321 – 323 Walworth Road London SE17 2TG

Website: http://www.kaspas.co.uk/

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