Lurpak Butter Poster Ads and Adventure Awaits TV ad

I think the advertisement section for the Danish butter Lurpak is trying to make Londoners smile a bit more. 😉 It definitely made me smile when I saw this poster ad… There haven’t been many fun-filling posters for a while!
“Wonder Awaits” if you use Lurpak to whip some great sauce it tells me. Heheh. Great stuff!
Wonder Awaits

I saw some more ads around the Waterloo Station area so I captured them all.

Let us “Venture Forth” by spraying some fish with Lurpak and grilling it to make a great dinner this one tells me.

Venture Forth

“To New Frontiers” by roasting a whole chicken with Lurpak…

To New Frontiers

And “Be Bold” by smothering this wonderful piece of steak with Lurpak. XD

Be Bold
Heheh, my imagination fulfilled these brilliant poster ads. I really liked them. Very imaginative and very bold of Lurpak to do this!
Definitely made me smile!!
Also watch their ad on YouTube which is called Adventure Awaits. It’s pretty much like what the poster ads are telling you. In this ad they have used Richard Strauss’s Sprach Zarathustra making this a wild, scientific cooking advert. ^_^ The brilliant voice actor Rutger Hauer really gives this advert some flavour too. Whoever came up with this funny dialogue is a real comedian!!



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