Marks and Spencer Poster Ads – Leading Ladies

What do you see in these poster ads from Marks and Spencer (which has been out for a few weeks)? 
That’s right, actresses and models modelling the 2014 spring / summer collection from M&S. But if you look carefully, it looks like it’s ‘exceptional mature women’ versus the ‘sophisticated young ladies’ of the future. 
M&S Leading Ladies
For some reason Baroness Doreen Lawrence (yes I had to look her up) looks out of place in this following poster (she looks wonderful in the top one though). This poster actually looks out of place anyway… They are having too much fun!! Well the mature leading ladies are in this one!!
Does this ad seem out of place? I think they should have mingled in this one

There’s also a third poster but unfortunately I couldn’t capture it as it was replaced by a Garnier ad today in Vauxhall. 😦 (Advertisers are so quick!!). The third one looked really sophisticated and they looked like Leading Ladies of the UK in that poster…

M&S are really trying their hardest to get us women to buy their clothes… What about the male range? Will there be a “Leading Men” poster ad? Or is marketing indicating more female shoppers will shop at M&S this spring and summer? Time will tell I guess!

Update 06-05-2014

Finally found the sophisticated Leading Ladies poster advert along Borough High Street… I found this one better than the ones above. It shows that all these ladies can be “leading ladies”…

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