Shoryu – Soho & Regent St

I’m slowly blogging at the moment… 3D origami and gyms have taken over my life… XD
At the beginning of April I went to go and see The Book of Mormon (which is a fantastic show by the way but not suitable for those who have religious beliefs), and I decided that I wanted something to eat. It was either Chinese food in China Town or Japanese food in a ramen shop. I chose Japanese ramen at Shoryu in the end, only because I eat Chinese food ALL the time. ¬,¬””
There are a few of these around Central London, and I chose to dine in the one in Soho as it was nearest to the theatre.
It’s a no reservation restaurant so you actually have to go there, queue and then get seated.
Shoryu Soho
I already knew what I wanted to eat and this is what I ordered… The Curry Ramen. I curry addict!!
This was actually really filling although I could taste that some of the ingredients were a bit cold especially the fried chicken. I overheard the guy sitting next to me talking to the waiter giving his opinion that the ingredients felt that they came out of the fridge directly rather than cooked on the spot… I agree! But other than that I did like the curry soup, it was very rich and quenched my first whilst eating the fried chicken.
Curry Ramen

A closer look…

A closer look
I couldn’t ordering another item which were the battered brussel sprouts… I actually thought they were taking their time with this as I almost finished my ramen! I was actually expecting a bit more from this i.e. in thicker batter… Taste was bland and so that’s why they offered a dish of salt… A good side dish although a bit expensive.
Brussel sprout tempura

With the salt

My bill
Total came to £24.95! Expensive!!!

This blogpost does not end here as I actually went to their other store on Regent’s Street a few days later just to compare noodles…
Shoryu Regent St

Menu on a clipboard
This time I had a longer look, and in the end I ordered this cold matcha latte. It’s not that great…
Cold Matcha Latte
I wanted to try out this Hirata bun with prawn tempura. To be honest they look a bit like a Chinese bun – and in fact these buns did derive from the Taiwanese!! If the buns were a bit sweeter then I would have given this a big thumbs up, but I think it’s a bit so-so… Prawns were good though.
Hirata bun

Closer look

The inside

Apart from the bun I ordered the Dracula Tonkotsu. It was the wrong choice I made. My breath smelt of garlic after eating all those garlic pieces. No wonder it’s called Dracula Tonkotsu. This is a rather salty soup-based ramen. This was a bit average for me and didn’t taste as good as the Curry Ramen. Pork was ok and egg was fine…

Dracula Tonkotsu

Closer look

There’s the ramen!

Another bill

This meal came to £21.83. Still expensive. I don’t think I will be going to Shoryu very often. Need to find a cheap ramen shop for cheap!!

My geeky rating for both restaurants: 4.5/5

Good points:
– Love the curry ramen (not many shops are doing this flavour)
– Nice Japanese style atmosphere
– Friendly service, although the Soho was a bit busy at the time I went and so it took longer to get any service

Bad points:
– Didn’t like the Dracula Tonkotsu
– Expensive place to eat ramen

Soho – 3 Denman Street London W1D 7HA
Regent Street – 9 Regent St London SW1Y 4LR