Converse & Lynx Poster Adverts & John Lewis’s 150 Years TV ad

There’s a lot to blog about from last month, so trying to catch up… It’s a day from 3D origami at the moment.
Here’s a couple of poster adverts from my journeys around London (whilst heading back from the parks).
You know what, I wish I can wear Converse sneakers all day long at work. Some shoes may be boring, but I just wanted to point out here that not ALL of us in London can be so casually working with wearing Converse sneakers on…
Converse – “Shoes are boring wear sneakers”
Not sure why I took a picture of this Lynx poster ad. Make Love Not War. Hmm. I’m not sure how you can make love with Lynx deodrants. 😉 Love Lynx, don’t make war with them… Is that their point? I guess it is.
Lynx – Make Love Not War
And finally, here’s the John Lewis advert ‘Never Standing Still’ celebrating their 150 years in the making. And they are still going strong. I just remember my mother MummyGeek used to love shopping in there although most of the items were too expensive to buy, but just window shopping was fun and going out to see designer things at the time just made me desire them… (that’s why I work so hard to buy expensive things). 
Now about the advert… There are so many small clips merged together combining the past and present. I think most of the products and clothing you see in this ad are / were from John Lewis. It’s quite clever, as the past clips are picked up from the present or the present is picked up from the past. Clever indeed. It must have involved a lot of story boarding.
This is probably a better advert from John Lewis, well it’s better than their 2013 Christmas advert. The animation didn’t work with me on that one. ¬,¬””
Here’s also a few pictures that I took whilst they were filming in Crampton Street – the man running for the bus was filmed there… They filmed for a very long time. Felt sorry for the actor who got soaked endlessly! As you can see it was still bright and almost sunny, but windy that day…
Filming in Progress!! Silence!!

Lots of people gathering around…

Get ready for filming…

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