Regents Park in April

Around the start of April (after the Backstreet Boys concert) Miss Money said she had my birthday gift to give me and so I had to meet her where she worked, but before that I decided to go to Regents Park to take pictures of the blossom trees. MummyGeek was persistent to go with me, so she tagged along…
This post is mainly in pictures, so there’s little narrating from me… ^_^

Along Chester Road there are a lot of blossom trees. A street full of them!

If you like gardens there’s a whole section called the Queen Mary’s Gardens. It’s quite big and very beautiful.

This mallard duck is quite a poser!

Spotted an American Coot with her babies!! ^_^ I was definitely lucky to see this.

This is another section of Regents Park…

This squirrel is quite friendly and was probably wanting some food from us…

Unfortunately my camera’s battery died on me, but next time when I go to Regents Park, I’ll make sure to charge it before I go XD.