Richmond Park in April

Richmond Park is the largest Royal Park in London. Created in the 1400’s just for the love of red deer. I was last there more than 10 years ago on a field trip looking for deer and their mating rituals but I could not remember the route we took and had never returned until I saw a picture of a red deer from my colleague Mr B who likes to take pictures with his Canon camera. XD At that point I thought I must go back there to take some pictures!!
I went there three times last month. First time I went with MummyGeek who complained a lot and said it was too big and we couldn’t see any deer… We had went via Petersham Gate by taking a train to Richmond Station and then taking a bus (but we didn’t get off the right stop – get off at American University bus stop if you want to go via Petersham Gate) and didn’t see much except for these lovely pine cones, a lovely squirrel (there aren’t many to see of them there) and many, many crazy cyclists (they tend to get upset if you’re in their way although it’s a park full of pedestrians!). 

So we didn’t see any deer that day and I felt I must complete the task I set myself that weekend… In the end I returned on Good Friday on my own via a different route. I took the train to Barnes and took the bus 265 up to Vale Crescent / Robin Hood Gate bus stop. When you get off, walk back, but don’t walk into Wimbledon Common! Cross the road and you will see the Stag Lodge Stables… and now you have entered Robin Hood Gate!

Robin Hood Gate

As you enter the gate, walk straight, cross the roundabout and take the middle road. Keep walking and you might see a family of Egyptian geese…

Walk further and there’s a possibility you might spot a group of doe just sitting around after having had their breakfast… All of these pictures are taken with a Nikon camera. The zoom is awesome but focusing is hard…

Walk some more and you may just see some stags munching away near the Pen Ponds (after the car park).

Now I have reached the Pen Ponds, it was just very scenic!!

And I spotted a parakeet!!

Pass the Pen Ponds I seemed to have spotted a bit of movement amongst the trees of Jubilee Plantation. They started running away because of some people moving amongst them.

Richmond Park is so grand and lovely! I could go there all the time…

Swan chasing away a Canadian goose
On my walk back to the bus stop, I spotted the stags again sitting there after their brunch… Took a few more pics.

And again the same group of doe had arisen and started eating.

MummyGeek was not happy I spotted the red deer, so it was another journey back to Richmond Park on Easter Sunday! ¬,¬”” It was a troublesome journey as the trains weren’t working but luckily there was a bus service and we got there after 9am. We walked and walked….

We didn’t spot any deer at the spots near the gate BUT MummyGeek spotted movement within the trees of Jubilee Plantation! So we walked in the rain and found a large herd of deer!! Yay!! Unfortunately some runners disturbed them and ran away…

On our way back, we saw part of the herd moving towards Sidmouth Wood. It was really fun watching them “cross the road”. They have guards / traffic wardens to make sure they crossed safely.

Here’s a video of them running back towards Jubilee Plantation. I think they were trying to get back to shelter.
MummyGeek and I were so happy… I LOVE Richmond Park!!
If you go, make sure to bring water and some food. Make sure you pick up your rubbish too. Approach deer with care. And don’t run into the cyclists and runners. Also make sure you keep an eye out on your dogs when approaching deer… We don’t want another Fenton situation do we?! (yes, I’ve seen the video).

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