BiFi Pizza XXL

Quickly writing about this weird find (as it’s been in my draft section for a long time, and before I go back to writing about more parks) which I bought in Sweets from Heaven a few months ago. I ate this the day after it expired a few weeks ago (and I’m still alive so it don’t go off that much).
I had asked at the time if the person at the counter had tried this BiFi Pizza XXL before. He said no, so I said I would try it out then!
BiFi Pizza XXL
When I opened it, this weird looking shape of a pizza snack was looking at me.
Weird shape
Splitted it in half and it reminded me of a Chinese BBQ bun, it even tasted like it at first until I ate more of it and then I could taste the pepperoni, the tomato paste but not much cheese in it. It tasted quite sweet – an edible bready snack. I shared the other half with my colleague who I will call Miss Fit (she’s the one who got me into gym work and she likes to eat a lot too :P). Miss Fit enjoyed this a lot… But I didn’t that much.
Looks like a Chinese BBQ bun from the inside!

Expensive £2.99 snack
It is a little bit of an expensive snack so I wouldn’t be rushing back to buy this again. It’s an ok-ish snack if you’re craving for pepperoni pizza!

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