3D Origami Mix & The Simpsons

It’s been a busy couple of months!
MummyGeek has started to help me out making lots of these models for my friends who can’t seem to stop ordering them!! It’s become a phenomenon amongst my work colleagues and friends that I feel like I can’t keep up. MummyGeek keeps asking for more paper to fold… and I don’t have the time to cut them up. ¬,¬”” What a stressful geeky life this has become.
One colleague was very impressed with the Winnie The Pooh one that he asked if I could make Superman. I looked at many models online but decided to make my own version. He is very simple to make. The head is made separately from the body and the cape and Superman sign were glued on… and now Master H wants one!

Miss Fit loves Tweety Pie so I attempted this very difficult piece for her… It was hard. 

Miss Pinky saw Tweety Pie and said to me, you can’t make Tweety Pie without Sylvester… and so I made Sylvester. He wasn’t that hard to make, but sticking the feet on was!

3D Origami Tweety Pie and Sylvester Cat
When you’re in meetings, you quickly get bored with all the info they feed you… and doing that for several hours in one morning is very boring, so I started (a few months ago really) to make some pieces at work. I originally started the Superman at work! XD … Anyway, I took that Superman home to continue and decided to start on this pig… Using work paper and work time… ¬,¬”” Yeah I know I shouldn’t, BUT I was multi-tasking, and I was bored of doing the same things over and over again!! The meetings I go to needs some action… The eyes were bought from Paperchase, and glued them on using superglue.

3D Origami pig

Master H loves my models after seeing Miss Pinky’s Quagmire and Mr Picky’s South Park characters. So he wanted a Batman… Easy!

The colleague who I created the Winnie the Pooh asked if I could attempt a difficult character… Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas… Oh he was difficult to make… I looked to see if there were any attempts made of him and there was only one! It was very hard to make him stand up on his own!!

3D Origami Jack Skellington
The next challenge had to be from the person who wanted Superman… They just get difficult! This is supposed to be Roger Federer. I know it doesn’t look like him but at least one person got it – Well done Mrs SweetTooth!! I actually love that tennis racquet. Superb! It’s made using half-size pieces.

3D Origami Roger Federer
3D Origami tennis racquet
One colleague of mine who saw the Superman wanted a 3D origami version of Walter White from the TV show Breaking Bad, so I simply made this. He was the easiest of the above. I’ve even stuck a hood on the back. Can’t make the goggles and I think this is the best I can do! He has been the most popular character on Instagram and Tumblr, and I’m sure lots of 3D origamists can make this!!

Next set of characters are The Simpsons!! Woohoo!! I have finally got round to making these. All the pieces were folded by MummyGeek, and I made these within a week. Phew. Hard work…!! Miss Pinky and Mr Picky said they look like the original version of The Simpons

Here’s Homer Simpson…

Marge Simpson…

Bart Simpson…

Lisa Simpson…

And finally Maggie Simpson…

3D origami Homer and Marge Simpson
3D origami Bart, Lisa and Maggie Simpson
3D origami The Simpsons.
Phew!! And there’s more to come too…

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