Battersea Park in April

After the third round in Richmond Park, MummyGeek and I went to Battersea Park. Yeah, that’s right, another park review. 😉 … As you may know by now London has many free parks that the public uses… Cyclists use them, runners use them and of course pedestrians like me use them… And don’t forget about the ducks!

I used to go to Battersea Park MummyGeek and Mr Stingy in the past and I can’t remember if it has changed much… I don’t think it has. There are still a lot of ducks to see, there’s a big pond and there’s a tiny zoo (which I didn’t go into).

So here’s loads of pictures of Battersea Park in the rain…


Couldn’t resist taking a picture of this heron

I think Miss Pinky would have liked this lamp

I think I might have to stop off there again just to picture the other side of the park. It’s a very nice park to walk around in and have a good run too!
There is a cafe within the cafe run by an Italian family so stop off there if you need food or drinks – but they are very expensive!

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