St James’s Park in April

I’m sure my family and I can’t be the only Chinese Londoners in London to be mistaken as tourists! Well you probably think so if you saw me filming and taking lots of pictures in St James’s Park. Heheheh ^_^ I really do enjoy being mistaken as a tourist because then people don’t ask me many questions – only joking.

MummyGeek and I went out for another park trip (this is mainly to get my mum to walk more which is what most of Londoners should be doing regularly…! And no, I have not turned into a geeky motivator yet… :D). When we turned into St James’s Park from Parliament Square we heard a marching band. How coincidential was that!

Here’s a short clip of the Horse Guard’s marching band… Not sure what this was for, but it’s not every day or every weekend that you get to see this stuff! Lucky geeks!

After the small parade MummyGeek and I went into St James’s Park to enjoy the flowers, trees and wildlife around the park…

American coots have ugly feet!!

By St James’s Park is of course Buckingham Palace… I hardly take pictures of it, but it hasn’t changed in the time period of my existence!

I zoomed into the tulips… ^_^

If you like eating there is a food stand in the park which sells very expensive sandwiches!

Don’t feed the pelicans!!!!!!!

Awww… I felt so sorry for this tailess squirrel 😦

St James’s Park is a very big park, walkable within an hour or less (depending if you plan to take any pictures and stuff). Beware of pickpockets and a lot of tourists that go there!!