Chocolat de France

When I went to Paris (OMG, that was months ago… I know) I bought some chocolate from the supermarkets and a gas station. It’s not everyday you go to Paris or France to get food… I mean business people could do it, but for people like me who doesn’t have a traveling job have no opportunity! 
This first one is Milka’s Cranchito Snax. Haven’t seen these in England yet, but it looks like another version of Cadbury’s Crunchems. I bet they are exactly the same really. They are chocolate covered crisps I think. They are have this salty taste to it which disappears with the chocolate. They are very nice to be honest, and should try out the Cadbury’s version. Interesting.

This is another M&M’s snack. It’s dark chocolate covered peanuts. Yeah I know we have them in the UK, but these are different (otherwise I wouldn’t be posting it here). These are massive versions of the little ones we have. The peanuts are just bigger. I like them. Haven’t finished them yet… ^_^

Last chocolate (the supermarkets in Paris didn’t have all the things I liked when I went to Marseille last year) is this Cote D’Or Citron Gingembre. Ginger and Lemon dark chocolate. Heheh. What a good combination. Lemon and ginger often go together especially as a remedy for colds. The chocolate itself was not bad. It had a tangy taste to it, I couldn’t taste much of the ginger, but I seemed to have finished the chocolate bar in two settings. The dark chocolate complimented the flavours even though it was hard to pick out the ginger… Not bad. The layer of the chocolate is very thick. I think chocolate fans will enjoy this one.

Wish I bought a bit more from Paris. Maybe next time!