Japanese Kit Kat – More Flavours

m(¬0¬)m Oh dear. I’ve had these for quite a while. I bought these from Japan Centre online and only had these a few weeks ago. I beg for forgiveness for not showing these earlier. <(。_。)>
These “new” flavours are very intriguing so I had to buy them. They initially ran out but I asked to wait for them to be re-stocked before they were delivered. I got these in January… Yep, I know. Procastinating blogger on the run.
4 more different flavours
This flavour is azuki bean flavour. Azuki beans are like red beans that have been sweetened. It’s similar to the red bean milk drink that you get in Chinese stores. This was very chocolatey too.
Azuki bean

This is the Hojicha Tea flavour. Not sure what type of tea leaves that are used (it’s a Japanese green tea variety). There’s a tea flavour, it has a rice taste to it and it is very, very sweet.
Hojicha Tea

The taro flavoured Kit Kat has a very satisfying taste to it. It definitely tastes like taro and it’s quite sweet from the chocolate used in this one.

And last but not least is this Ichiro Chilli flavoured Kit Kat. If you like something peppery, the this is for you. It’s dark chocolate with a spicy kick at the end. I like this one. But if you don’t like spicy chocolate then don’t try it.

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