Vita Coco Poster Adverts

Vita Coco which is a drinks company have released these poster ads for a couple of weeks now. Currently they’re all over the Waterloo Station area (but might be gone soon by the time I go pass it again).
They are quite amusing (that’s if you’re dirty minded – sorry I really tried not to be, but the second ad at the bottom just made me giggle). I’m sure the public have thought the same! 
Are you going to be happy cocomuting (pun for commuting) with Vita Coco? You might do (although the drinks are a bit expensive – I got one for free by chance in Shoreditch on the hunt for street art, and it tasted quite good), it’s a big carton drink, so it should last you throughout the day.
“Happy Cocomuting”
Well a pigeon passed this poster as I took a shot of it. Didn’t see that coming! 
“Grab nature by the coconuts” makes me think about male and female body parts (trying to put this out nicely in case kids start reading this). Do you really want people to grab those male / female coconuts in public?!! I’m sure you don’t (or maybe some will). ¬_¬””
I’m just reading in between the lines here – so don’t take me too seriously.
“Grab nature by the coconuts”

Fun ads! I like them very much!

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