Boring Car Poster Adverts

There’s been a lot of car poster ads out lately, and I found these ones just a LITTLE bit boring…
This Audi poster was just a bit too plain for me. Add a bit of scenery into it! Or add the Blackwall Tunnell (as it says)…
Audi poster advert – Calm. Serene.
I like the car in this Audi ad but really, really too clean cut for me…
Audi poster  advert – Ultra
I dislike this car ad from Kia very, very much. I hate the way they’ve added a school badge like icon right in front of the car. It actually ruins the advert very much. Don’t think it was needed. But I do love the scenery and the colours used… But that badge thing needs to go.
KIA poster advert – The School Run
Same goes with this other KIA car advert. What the heck is a “cool cat” doing in this ad?! Ugh. I think it actually ruins the poster really. But I do love that red car. Beautiful car, shame about the poster ad.
KIA poster advert – All New Soul, ready to roll
Hmmmmmmmm. I don’t like this Ford advert either. It says #want. I don’t think I want this car. The advert looks too shiny and photoshopped in a with that dark blue background doesn’t look right. Bleurgh.
Ford poster advert – #want
There is a Honda car advert out. Need to take a picture of that when I get the chance!
Do like the cars but hate the ads or vice versa?

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