Lucozade Sport Poster Advert 2014

This was out a few weeks ago…
I don’t have any problems with this poster advert from Lucozade, but the only thing in this ad that makes it look all wrong is Steven Gerrard without a Lucozade bottle in his hand. I actually dislike the way he is positioned in the poster with his mouth wide open waiting for a fly to go in his mouth. ¬_¬””
It just looks all wrong on the left hand side… (not that I don’t like football)… He’s just positioned wrongly. He needs a bottle in his hand!!
Lucozade Sport poster ad
Gerrard, take a swig of that Lucozade!

2 thoughts on “Lucozade Sport Poster Advert 2014

  1. I agree with your critique. This post would be far better if Mr. Gerrard held a bottle, probably in a real photoshoot. It would send a more effective message that he really does like the drink, if he's touching it. Anyway, you've got amazing posts about posters and stuffs. Thank you so much for sharing them! All the best! Lisa Thompson @ Controlled Color


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