Viet Eat – London Holborn

I’ve started eating in the Holborn area. Reason: I’m taking Japanese classes in the area, and after class I become very hungry!! So the only option is to eat. ^_^ Heheheh.
I’ve been pass Viet Eat for a bit now. Not sure how long it’s been there but I do like a good pho if I can find a place that sells it. 😀
Outside Viet Eat
So obviously I ordered a Vietnamese cold coffee. This was really sweet. Wish I had a bigger glass too. I’ve had better Vietnamese coffee though.
Cold Vietnamese coffee
And it was obvious that I would go for the beef pho right. I always pronounce pho as “fo” that rhymes with “ho”, but I hear people say “fa” or “for” with a silent r. Vietnamese pronunciation is hard.
Beef pho
Well there was a lot of flat rice noodles (but I like the thinner flat noodles!). The soup base was kind of salty, not like the sweet taste I had in Camberwell or the one I had in Paris. There was a lot of coriander but it didn’t taste much of it which was a relief. The main disappointment was the tender beef. They used the slightly harder beef which is not the bit I like in beef pho. I like the really, really chewy tender beef.
Beef pho with a plate of garnish
I did eat the lot but felt slightly disappointed. Looks like I’ll be going back to the South of London for more pho. XD
Total cost came to £12.43 including a 12.5% service charge. I feel like I’ve been cheated in eating a very expensive bowl of pho.
My geeky rating: 3.5/5
Good points:
– Friendly service
– Like the seating arrangements – feels like a proper noodle bar, and they have seating outside too!
Bad points:
– A bit expensive for some one bowl of noodles!
– The soup base and beef was so-so
– I hate service charge
Address: 48 Kingsway, London WC2B 6EP
Telephone: 020 7404 4138

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