u.loveit Primitive Milk Tea 优乐美原味奶茶

It’s another u.loveit drink product. I bought this a long time ago, well a couple of months ago, and I’m only drinking it now.
u.loveit is pretty famous now for their instant bubble tea cups, but what if you don’t like the bubbles and you only like the tea? Well they actually thought of that too. XD
They’ve brought out this instant tea sachet to enjoy without the bubble bits. See Woo Supermarket only had one flavour so I bought it (I forgot the price as usual, but not expensive).
u.loveit Primitive Milk Tea

Ingredients and can you find the instructions labelled as “directions”

Finally there’s some English instructions on the box, but it’s easier making this than their bubble tea version. Add hot water, and that’s it! ^_^

Tea powder in satchets

Pour into a cup

Add hot water and stir
If you like Royal Milk Tea kind of tastes then this is the instant tea you should be trying. It already has the milk and the sugar as well as the tea flavour in it. There’s also the taste of condensed milk, so if you like that kind of stuff then go for it.

Happy drinking!!

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