Cocoro Japanese Restaurant – London Coptic Street, Holborn

Right next door to Bi Won is a Japanese restaurant called Cocoro こころ (kokoro? which could mean “heart”), and obviously you know I went in there to eat. ¬_¬””” The Geek must eat! Was so hungry after another lesson in Japanese, and all I could think about was eating… How sad!
I knew I had to try this place because it said Japanese curry and ramen. To be honest I haven’t tried out the curry yet, and I will definitely try that out one weekend (whenever that will be).
I was greeted by a very friendly waitress, and I have to say service is super, super polite. More than your average restaurant in the UK. Basically the waitresses will keep checking up on you, and I’m munching away and it’s really hard to answer. (● ̄(エ) ̄●)
On this very first visit, I wanted to try out the ramen so I chose the tonkotsu ramen. Soup was creamy, noodles were al dente and pork was ok. Nothing directly from the fridge, as in there were no cold bits which was a relief.
Tonkotsu ramen

al dente ramen
I was obviously greedy because I ordered the salmon and avocado roll which is cut into 6 pieces. It was super delicious and I’m salivating right now… I want sushi. I always want sushi!
Salmon and avocado roll
This first visit cost me £14.80. Not too bad but definitely a little expensive… I also asked for tap water!
I surely did not try enough of their food, so I went for more! This time I tried out there takoyaki which was nice and hot but bearable. I like takoyaki! It’s a little dark in the restaurant so the pictures are not completely great.
Yummy yummy takoyaki

Close up

Inside my last takoyaki
I actually ordered the Hawaiian sushi dish but then the waitress came back and asked what sushi dish I wanted without explaining why I couldn’t have the Hawaiian one… Strange… so I ordered the Chirashi sushi set which was a little expensive but this was what I had originally wanted.
This was very tasty, loved the salmon roe and the fresh sashimi on top. I ate the whole lot, and I think it was worth its money.
Chirashi Sushi

Close up

From the top

I got a miso soup along with the sushi… ^_^

Miso soup
This second meal cost me £24.70!!! Argh, went over budget second time round.
My geeky rating: 5/5
Good points:
– Super polite service (please don’t be irritated, it’s just the Japanese way)
– Good food
– Fresh
Bad points:
– A bit expensive for sushi but ok for ramen and some of the sushi rolls (forgot to check if there was any service charge)
Address: 25 Coptic St, London WC1A 1NT
Telephone: 020 7436 0550

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