Nissan Juke Poster Advert

This was out a few weeks ago… You see, car advert after car advert… It’s all about the cars this year. I wonder if they’ll be a car that’s environmentally friendly and then what would the poster look like?
Does this car thrill you? It says “New Nissan Juke, tested to thrill”. What’s so thrilling about this car? I don’t drive, so I wouldn’t know.
Let’s forget about the car for a moment, it’s actually quite clever and a tiny bit scenic (but not that scenic). I feel like an analyst here… ¬_¬””. Can you see the metal chains beneath the car, whilst those are rolling the car is moving I bet… but then you think, the road looks as if it’s going to go downhill… It’s going to be thrilling going downhill! Yeah I’m thrilled. Are you?
It’s a nice ad, not sure about the road… and p.s. I can’t read the small writing at the very bottom… Who’s going to stand there and read all of that?! Poster ads with small writing at the bottom should not be placed so high up on a building! Tut tut.