McDonald’s Poster Adverts

I never talk about McDonald’s advertising much because they are all ok to me, although when Justin Timberlake came out with the Lovin’ It theme (probably more than a decade ago) I kind of shook my head and thought, really, are McDonald’s really going ahead with this and branding it. Oh dear.
I think these poster ads have been out before but I thought I’m seeing three in one go, an think they are quite amusing!
I don’t mind pinching one of those fries. For real!
Pinch those fries!!
Never really liked the Quarter Pounder, it’s a big version of a cheese burger really, but yeah this is the beefy one!
Do you like the beefy one?
And obviously the Big Mac is “the famous one”… I like it because of the sauce. 
Big Mac – The Famous One
What about you, what do you like about McDonald’s?

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