Toyota Aygo – "Go Fun Yourself" Poster Ad

Ok, I really was going to post about something else other than ads after the last post, but I really had to show this one to you all before I move on.
I love all things Japanese, but this Toyota Car poster ad just made me shake my head for some reason… “Go Fun Yourself”?? Uh, are they taking the mickey out of “Go F*** Yourself”. I’m a naughty geek who thinks that. ¬_¬”” (I’m just joking – my friends Mr Bear and Miss Pinky would be naughtier than me!).
Toyota – “Go Fun Yourself”
But yeah, one would think of changing words to something like this. I for one would have said something on the lines of “Have Some Aygo Fun” or “Aygo Fun Yourself” or “Aygo Aygo Fun”. Hahahahah! 
Besides that I think the car looks a bit too cartoony… Need to see the real thing!

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