London River Bus – Route RB1

I have never been on a river bus in London before, I can’t even remember when Transport for London first introduced them! MummyGeek has never been on a boat in London, so I said I would take her on one (this was like last month). I had to search online a bit, but some of the information was not very great…
Everyone travelling on a river bus must pay a fare, it’s not free. If you have an Oyster Card with money on it then use it as paying by cash is more expensive. You actually get a small discount if you’re paying by Oyster Card. I paid £6.12 for a single fare going from Bankside to Woolwich Arsenal. MummyGeek got a bigger discount because she’s over 60 and has one of those over 60 travel passes. Lucky sod. Can’t wait till I’m over 60.

I think if you have a one day travelcard you can go on it as many times as you want.

Information board

Types of routes from Bankside

Ticket office / booth… sorry these two peeps were in the way

Lots of different fares on there

Bankside Pier

Bankside Pier

You can purchase your ticket at the ticket booth, but if you can’t be bothered you can also pay with one of these machines… but you can’t use your Oyster card on it. That’s a bit pointless isn’t it…

Ticket kiosk

Our trip towards Woolwich was in 8 minutes…

Time to go in 8 minutes!!

And finally our boat arrived…

River bus ^^

Here’s the inside of the boat… you can sit anywhere, and you can even sit outside, but we didn’t.

Inside the river bus

Now some pictures along the river. ^_^

Tower Bridge

At Canary Wharf!

If you’re on there for a full journey you can purchase food or drinks! Our journey was only 45 minutes long by the way!

Purchase snacks on board

More pictures!!

Canary Wharf

I spotted street art too by Christaan Nagel!!

Christaan Nagel’s Giant Mushrooms

I had no idea London ran these sort of crossing the river cable cars! I was amazed when I saw these.

Cable cars in London

Cable car

I forgot what these are…


Finally reached Woolwich Arsenal. We could have paid for another journey, but I don’t think I would’ve wanted to pay another £6.12 for this journey… so we took the bus home.

Reached Woolwich Arsenal

Woolwich Arsenal Pier

Woolwich Arsenal artillery
There are 5 other routes along the river and they run at specific times during the day – only early morning and late afternoon to evening.
It is an expensive travel experience, but it is a once in a lifetime experience (for some) to experience.
I’ve tried purchasing tickets on this website but unsuccessful…

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