London Zoo – Regents Park

I love London Zoo!! It’s one my favourite hot spots to go to. Did I ever mention anywhere on this blog that I wanted to be a zoologist in the past? If I had studied hard enough I think I would have made it, but The Geek was lazy and liked computers at the time of A-level studying… I still love the ecology side of biology and I love seeing animal behaviour (it was my favourite topic in Biology).
Haven’t been to London Zoo for a good 2-3 years, at that time I went with Master H and Miss Pinky (that was a mission!). This time I went with MummyGeek and we used the 2For1 National Rail offer which is probably the cheapest way to get into London Zoo if you’re going with someone. It’s very simple to use. Go to the 2For1 website, then choose your day trip, create a login and then download and print the voucher. You must have a valid national rail orange ticket on the day that you’re going (single, return and travelcards are acceptable). Unfortunately Oyster Cards and annual tickets are not acceptable for this offer… So I just bought two of the cheapest single tickets I could get. So in total I spent just over £30 for two people! Not bad.
Normal prices are around £24 per person on the day of purchase or you can purchase cheaper tickets online. Expensive but worth it (it’s better than going to the Shard for an hour).

Here are some of my favourite pictures I took during the day (I even bumped into one of my colleagues, her husband and children at the Aquarium… it was an awkward moment. LOL. ¬_¬””).

Love this picture!

I wanted to see the gorillas last time I went, but they were all sleeping at that time. This time I was lucky to see this gorilla… So shy though and kept moving away from the crowd.
So shy!

Keep walking away…

Next we moved onto this boars… this one was peeing right in front of us…
Can’t hold any longer… Need to pee!!

Gorgeous ^_^
It was the tigers next. There was an awfully big crowd trying to get pictures. But I managed to get some good shots… Didn’t see the cubs, so I’m thinking of going back at some point this year to take more pictures.

Whatcha staring at?! 😛


It started to rain at this point, and caught this flamingo wading through the water for shelter.

MummyGeek and I were so lucky, we got to see the last penguin feeding time of the day. Got to sit and rest as London Zoo is actually quite big.

I used my Sony camera here to compare with my Nikon – good quality!

The lions were sleeping, so couldn’t see them do much…

MummyGeek were trying to get some shelter from the rain… we were lucky that there were seats near the lions area… This cheeky monkey had the cheek to stare at me. Looks like it was trying to say “stop staring, just feed me for a picture!”. 😛

And if you like Winnie The Pooh this is the statue that commemorates the original bear that Winnie The Pooh is based on at London Zoo… ^_^

This is one of my favourite spots in London, and I’m definitely going back either by myself or with friends and family… ^_^

Address: Regent’s Park, Outer Cir, London NW1 4RY

Buses: 274
Nearest Stations: Baker Street, Regent Street


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