Hyper Japan 2014 – London Earl’s Court

Ah, it’s another year, another summer and another Hyper Japan event! Woohoo!!
Wasn’t going to go this year, but felt like people were asking (@grocerygems and a classmate learning Japanese with me). Hmmmm… it took me long to decide, so I eventually asked Miss Pinky if she wanted to come along with Mr Picky and Master H. They all said yes! But then the day before we were to go we found out that Master H couldn’t go (his mum is strict) because he has football practice. 😦 So sad. I haven’t seen Master H for a long time… Can’t skip one training session…
This year it was a little different, I got my £8 tickets from the main site (forgot to wait for the Groupon and Amazon 2 for 1 vouchers).

This year it was in Earl’s Court One and also we decided to go to the morning Saturday session because last years queue was horrendous. We got to Earl’s Court just before 9.30am (which was the time I was aiming for). It was a long queue when we got there, not sure if the doors had opened yet, but when we got to the end of the end of the queue, it actually started shifting, and we got closer and closer to the door within 5 minutes. That was quick!! This year was better organised! Better queuing system, better service!. Wow. Such a big difference after a year. (I really cannot complain this year :D).

At Earl’s Court – court 1

The queue

 Maps are everywhere.

So from here onwards are the pictures for this years Hyper Japan. Was really, really happy I did not miss this out. ^_^
We all wandered off at the start, then got together, then we kind of split up again… We found Mr Picky just playing video games at one point! 😀
Kodansha stand

Some models

 Artbox were there again this year… I am so happy there was a completely kawaii section.



 Loads of cute stalls…

Had to filter this picture, it was a bit blurry

Giant Chopper

 Didn’t buy any Nanoblocks this year.

Nanoblock stall

Loving this “Neighbour Bad” t-shirt


 Here’s some tiny robots that Miss Pinky wants to get for Mr Picky…


 Miss Pinky, Mr Picky and I started to enjoy this show with Akari Mochizuki and shamisen players… Didn’t record a video as both Miss Pinky and Mr Picky were talking too much.

Person doing some introductions

Akari Mochizuki

Akari Mochizuki – I really like her upbeat songs!

Akari Mochizuki

Amazing group 😀

Great music!

 These peeps tweeted me to come to their stall… but I didn’t buy anything… @Pinkapplejam…

Pink Apple Jam

 Beautiful drawings…

Very pretty paintings

Caaaaaaake. ^_^

Beautiful kimonos for £199!!!

Don’t know this character

lol… more cosplay

Lots of models about

An extremely tired cat!

Looks like this person was tired

Picture taking



 Siro-A are back this year with their amazing shows… Thinking of going to see them at some point.


 This is where we spotted Mr Picky playing video games!

Mario Bros

Small concert…

 We had to eat food guys. Starved myself in the morning by only eating a chocolate bar, drinking coffee and water. Stomach was rumbling by 11am. 😦

Chicken katsu curry for £6.50

Soy sauce beef and rice for £8

Banners… Game banners…

 Had to stop this guy to take a picture of him. He’s Master H’s favourite anime / manga character.


 Mr Bear wants this chair!!

Mr Bear is jealous now… he wants this chair…

Just had to capture this person in cosplay

Miss Pinky was in search of these two young ladies. She loves these two characters from the animation film Frozen. Lol.

The Princesses from Frozen!! Miss Pinky loves these two characters!

Good shot of a photographer and person in cosplay

My favourite Pokémon appeared right in front of me! Pikachu!!

Pikachu and Pacman

Pika Pika Pika Pikachu!!! ^^


People setting up this person in cosplay… I think it’s Gundam…

Is this Gundam?

Cosplay Changing Room area

 This DJ is quite a hyper person!

This year there were cash machines right near the entrances – but still bring cash to these events as some stalls don’t accept cards. It was also advised to bring water if you’re queuing in the heat (so glad we went in the morning!!!).
If you have this summer’s Hyper Japan, there is still the winter one to go to which is on November 14th-16th at Earl’s Court again. So make sure you book tickets well in advance.

Hyper Japan will be back in November!

Website: http://hyperjapan.co.uk/