Bamboo House Choco Mochi Bar with Milk and Peanut

Another weird Asian snack. Yes that’s right!
So what can one do with a mochi? Fill it with peanut butter and cover it with chocolate? Yes, that’s what this snack is. It’s a mochi snack from Taiwan. The Taiwanese always invent weird looking snacks! Some good, some bad…
Chocolate Mochi with milk and peanut

It has nice big packing, but then when you look inside there’s only 5 mochi bars. I thought there would be loads of mini bars in a neat looking tray like you see with Cadbury or Galaxy chocolate rolls. None of that here I’m afraid.
5 rolls in a massive box

A mini bar

When I opened the packaging there was a boring looking roll inside.


At the first bite it tasted a little plasticy, bleurgh, but as I started chewing I could taste the mochi and peanut butter with the chocolate blending in. It tastes a little weird altogether, mostly because of the mochi rubbery taste. The sweet peanut butter (not salty) tastes good, and the chocolate melts quite quickly in your mouth…

Looks like a sushi roll inside

But I’m afraid I will definitely not be buying these again because of the texture, however definitely try it out especially if you’re a mochi chocolate fan!!

Cost: £1.85 from See Woo Supermarket

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