ASSA 아싸 Korean Restaurant – London St Giles High Street (Now in Romilly Street)

Remember many blue moons ago when I blogged about ASSA Yorimichi, which has now unfortunately gone and has turned into another Korean restaurant, well now I’m going to blog about ASSA the Korean restaurant. No idea what ASSA 아싸 means. I’m sure someone can enlighten me. ^_^
Miss Pinky wanted to go this restaurant a few months ago but we ended up in Woo Jung (which I liked). So what are we going to end up with?
Well after a few drinks in Vauxhall, we finally got to ASSA around 8.30pm. Miss Pinky went off to find a cash machine nearby (but they take card Miss Pinky!) and I ended up taking a seat on the lower ground floor (so sorry, I don’t have pics of the interior).
ASSA 아싸 

Menu cover
I already looked at the menu, and just waiting on Miss Pinky… and in the end this is what we ordered (which came out very quickly!)…
Side dishes

Hite beer. Love the picture on the glass (look closely!)
I had the ramen, rice cake and dumpling dish with additional rice. I was a little disappointed in my dish, because the dumpling was already split, and there was only one dumpling. 😦 The noodles they used are the Nongshim spicy ramen noodles (which are very popular) but I think they could have added something to the soup to make it more unique… maybe like cheese. ^_^
Ramen, rice cake and dumpling

My rice… I had it with the squid
Miss Pinky ordered her usual beef bibimbap. She had the whole thing, and made a joke to the waiter that she couldn’t see anything in the bowl (meaning she loved it). I think this food is her favourite dish! (Must take her to Bibimbap Soho next time!!).
We ordered a plate of spicy squid because we felt Korean food is a little bland without this dish. (We should have ordered some kimchi cabbage – but forgot!). The squid was good, but we felt not as great as Woo Jung’s or as spicy as Po Cha’s. I think Miss Pinky and I have had a fair amount of spicy squid dishes in our lives. XD
Spicy squid
Total cost came to £33.90 including the drinks and free side dishes (forgot if they did service charge). We split the bill and left.
My geeky rating (with Miss Pinky’s point of view): 3/5
Good points:
– Very friendly service
– Food came out really quick (we advise you to go here if you want super quick Korean food)
– Food prices are ok – but similar to the ones next door
Bad points:
– My dumpling was disappointing! 😦
Address: 53 St Giles High St, London WC2H 8LH —–> Moved to 23 Romilly Street, London W1D 5AQ
Telephone: 020 7240 8256

2 thoughts on “ASSA 아싸 Korean Restaurant – London St Giles High Street (Now in Romilly Street)

  1. I think most korean restaurants in london have their specialty. I haven't found a restaurant where I like everything I've tried. I was at Yori yesterday and I had the kimchi fried rice but it was too salty and dry. But they have good bbq menu. As for Assa their kimchi fried rice is the best i've had and they make a mean hotpot and kimchijeon. You should try that next time 🙂 This reminded me that I have to visit Bibimbap, thanks. P.S I love your blog!Meera xx.


  2. Heheh, I agree, each Korean restaurant is different. I'm sticking to Woo Jung as the dishes seemed big XD. I like more food than less. And I also like Seoul Bakery, it's cheap and cheerful.Thanks for reading my blog!! ^____^


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