Southend – My Summer Holiday

Technically I had no summer holiday this year (as you can see how many posts I made in August is poor), but thankfully Mr Picky came out with the idea to go to Southend during the bank holiday weekend since we all had nothing to do and Master H needed to get away. (He wants to fly one day, but we’ll have to plan that next year in advance!). This is all our first time going to Southend!
Mr Picky had some half price vouchers which expired in September, but we went via Stratford, got there and didn’t use them as those vouchers had to be used by the C2C train operator. In the end we got some normal tickets, which would have ended up around the same price fortunately – around £9 each for a return. (I have this feeling we will be going to Southend quite often).
Arriving at Southend Victoria Station

He’s scary!

Oh look, there’s a Mr Simms (not the man in the picture :P)

Walking towards the sea
It takes an hour-ish on the train to get to Southend, and I was being taught by Master H on how to knit a triple loom braclet. It’s very hard work! We finally got to Southend around 12 noon.
Mr Picky and Master H went straight to the theme park, and Miss Pinky and I went straight for the pier to have a walk. (I think the pier is more interesting than the rides!).
Look how many rides there are!
It costs £2 per person to walk along the pier and back, and it’s a very long walk (about half an hour each way). There are other costs but advise you to take the £2 walk if you’re a cheapskate like me. Can’t believe they can make money from a pier!
Off to the pier!

There’s a big chess board

Walk my dearies

But there’s a train!!

At the end of the pier! Phew!

Miss Pinky and I were hungry so we had a small snack of mussels and cockles. The mussels tasted the best!

We walked for a bit and ended up in a pub whilst waiting for Master H and Mr Picky to finish. Eventually we went into an arcade, played a bit and then had some more food… I was hungry guys!! :-S

Then it was off to the beach. Master H was dying to go to the beach. It was VERY low tide when we got there and Master H wanted to go walk into the muddy banks. 😦 I was looking after him at this point and he ended up walking so far that he ended up calling Mr Picky looking for me. Hah! I then ended up with muddy trainers and wet socks. So sad. But thankfully I took some nice pictures in return of being dirty.
A not so sunny beach

Very, very muddy!!

Look a big crab!

Dead crab


Spot the seagull

In the end we all had fun! Good and bad holiday rolled into one day. ^_^
Summer holiday over. 😦

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