Kanada-ya 金田家 Japanese Ramen Bar – London St Giles High Street

A-ha! Another ramen bar has opened up in London! And this one is a little unique as it serves a broth that has been brewed for 18 hours.
Kanada-ya was first introduced in Fukuoka, Japan by Mr Kanada in 2009 but not sure if there are any other branches in Japan. Anyway, a branch was opened up in Hong Kong, and now there’s one in London. I already received notification from a comment on my blog, and I kept to my promise to check it out! Kanada-ya 金田家 literally means Kanada House. The kanji 金田家(Chinese characters) means in Chinese and Japanese (the same meaning) is “golden-field-house”.
Kanada-ya in St Giles High Street

The store opened on Wednesday 27th August for their soft launch, and Mr Bear and Mr Smiles wanted to go and try it out, but in the end we didn’t go. I received an email from the store on that night to say that they were closing on Thursday 28th (which is the day we wanted to go) but we ended up going on the following Monday 1st September! Mr Bear’s mother also joined us!

😦 When we got there, there was already a queue! A queue on a Monday!!! Nooooo… It was supposed to be the last day of their soft launch, but in actual fact it’s TODAY since they closed for one day (probably to restock and re-look at their service). So we queued with many people for about an hour. Yeah, that’s right an hour!!! I have not queued for food for this long for a VERY long time. Some people left the queue, but we carried on queuing in the rain. Luckily the Kanada-ya Team were so nice and handed out umbrellas to us hopeful customers. Thumbs up for a promising polite service. (^_^)b
Queuing time 😦 … almost to the front!!

Watching the chefs cook

The bowls look big here, but aren’t really

So many orders!

The lights from the outside

Look at all those people making us jealous 😛

We finally got to the start of the queue before 9pm! Yipee! I had a quick look at the wet menu and already made my decision.
Everyone became very smiley when we got to the table. And then after some more thinking we ordered our way through… but had to cutback on the extra toppings… they had no more eggs, no more of the deluxe bowl and no onigiri. 😦 Gosh, what did the people in front of us eat! What pigs they are! ¬,¬””

Mr Smiles holding up the menu for me 😀

Finally inside and at the table

Well, this is what we had in the end…

We ordered some lemonade, original and orange flavour, the strawberry ran out! This was a little strange because you had to push the marble down to be able to pour the drink. Phew! Such hard work figuring that one out. XD The drink itself is light in orange taste and not that lemony. The original is so-so for me.
Orange lemonade

Check out the marble

Original Lemonade

The marble

Mr Bear took a different step and tried out the Calpis. He didn’t like it (I think) so went for the green tea (forgot to take a pic of the teapot).


Mr Bear and his mother MummyBear ordered the Moyeshi Ramen. So they had extra beansprouts. Mr Bear had black garlic oil in his. MummyBear had the spicy miso with hers. 
Moyeshi Ramen with black garlic oil

And Mr Smiles and I ordered the Original Ramen. Mr Smiles had black garlic in his and I had spicy miso. All I can say is that the soup is wonderfully AMAZING!! On the first sip it tasted creamy, a little salty, and then it tasted like a creamy cheese that wafted through my mouth. By adding the spicy miso it changed the flavour slightly (which I regretted adding), but still I drank the whole soup! 

Original Ramen

Yummy soft noodles

Spicy Miso Paste

I even ordered some extra noodles, that’s how hungry I was. 
My extra noodles

In the end I was the first to finish. Famished from the rain and waiting around. BUT it was worth the wait, and I was happy that I went because it was 50% off, and I don’t think that will happen again. Can’t say much how the others felt, but they thoroughly enjoyed their food! Total cost came to £32.85 (original cost was £65.70, an average of £16.43 per person). 


The bill

When we left there was still a queue (a smaller one)! I really hope they do takeaways too… Must ask the next time I go.

My geeky rating: 5/5 (I will definitely be returning)
Good points:
– Absolutely breathtaking pork broth
– Polite service even when they were busy!
– I recommend trying out the lemonade just to experience the marble go pop. 😀
– The chairs swerve (so enjoy swerving)
– Doesn’t look like service charge is included (that’s probably why Mr Bear and Mr Smiles gave extra tips to them!)
Bad points:
– They ran out of stock, it was just too good for people not to be greedy pigs, heheh
– It will be expensive post the soft launch but reasonable for one person

Address: 64 St Giles High Street, London WC2H 8LE

*There’s no telephone number as they don’t take bookings. First come first served basis.
**They are closed on Sundays and they break between 3 and 5pm Monday to Saturday!

Website: http://www.kanada-ya.com (there’s nothing much on the site yet…)
Additional pictures from my second visit. MummyGeek and Mr Stingy loved this place too! Broth was great they said. ^_^ For some reason I didn’t finish the broth… maybe next time!
Got to try out the strawberry lemonade ^_^

MummyGeek had the original 

Mr Stingy had the deluxe

They forgot my egg!! 😦

I got the egg… yay!! Try the egg!!

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