My Old Place Revisited 老地方 – London Middlesex Street

I don’t usually re-blog about restaurants I revisit (lie!) but was insisted by Mr ÆðelgarYellowcloak (aefelgar-yellow-cloak) to write about our adventure on the main floor as we were in the basement last time.
Ms LǜFù contacted us out of the blue to have a get together dinner. Reminds me of my yearly get together with Miss Rock during Christmas. Well this is our Mandarin class get together. ^_^ There were 5 of us including one of Ms LǜFù’s Chinese friends. We waited for quite a longish time before we ordered a dish each (the waiting staff were very patient with us! I actually felt like ordering a drink in case they thought we weren’t staying…). 
The main floor was busy, but not very busy when we got there until maybe an hour later it started getting really busy. At that point they had to direct people to the basement. Northern Chinese food seems to be a hit in the Liverpool Street area!
So here’s what we had… (by the way I am very happy with these pictures taken with my new Sony Xperia Z2. Really good quality. ^_^).
I wanted the beef stew but was told by the waitress we shouldn’t have that. It was the elbow of the cow (probably lots of bone and not enough meat I guess). So we had one of Mr ÆðelgarYellowcloak’s favourite, which we had last time 锅爆肉 (mando: guo bao rou; canto: wo baau yuk; trad: 鍋爆肉)… copying and pasting from my last post. ¬.¬”” It looks a little more orange than the previous one we had, or maybe it’s just the quality of the lighting and the camera. But it still tasted good! Sweet and a tiny bit crispy… This dish was completely demolished… They should add more!
锅爆肉 guo bao rou
Ms LǜFù ordered the aubergine 茄子 again, (mando: qiezi; canto: keh ji). This one was also finished quite quickly. It stayed hot throughout the time we were there! Amazing. I think a lot of oil was used in this one, but nevertheless it tasted good! 
茄子 Aubergine
Mr ÆðelgarYellowcloak ordered this rare Northern dish which I have never seen before. It’s called 京酱肉丝 Shredded pork in Beijing Sauce (Mando: Jīng jiàng ròu sī; Canto: ging jeung yuk si, Trad:京醬肉絲). 京酱 Jīng jiàng means Beijing sauce and 肉丝 ròu sī means “pork”. The cheese-like looking wraps are actually tofu slices. Surprised? Well I was. The meat is pork drenched in a salty Beijing sauce placed on top of some corriander (bleurgh) and some spring onions. Mr ÆðelgarYellowcloak showed us how to eat this. You put some of the meat, spring onions and/or corriander into a filled rice bowl. Then you take a piece of the tofu slice, place it on top of the rice and then you must attempt to wrap the meat, salad and rice with your chopsticks… The art of chopsticks must be used here. Heheh. 😀 Forgot to take a picture of my attempt but it was great fun! (I only tried once).
京酱肉丝 Shredded pork in Beijing Sauce
Next came the seabass ordered by Ms LǜFù’s Chinese friend. I don’t like fish that much but I think I should have had more of this as the sauce was pretty yummy. My ex-classmate sitting next to me ate the eyes. Bleurgh… This was well cooked, had a little fishiness but that can’t be helped…
Next came these beans called 干煸四季豆 Dry-Fried French Beans with Preserved Vegetables (Mando: Gān biān sìjì dòu; Canto: gon pin sei gwai dou Trad:乾煸四季豆). Literally means “dry-stir-green beans”. I had a few but unfortunately this wasn’t the popular dish (sorry ex-classmate). It was salty, a little spicy and a little bit hard to chew on. Can’t remember how much was left on the plate… probably a lot… ¬.¬”
Total cost came to around £62 including the tea. That’s around £12 each! Not bad, not bad!!

My geeky rating: 4.5/5 (still giving this place a 4.5) – the beans disappointed me… next time I’m ordering dumplings!!!
Good points:
– Very consistent with their cooking (it feels the same like last year really!)
Bad points:
– I can’t think of anything bad at the moment… Just to point out the taps in the ladies were hard to stop the water coming out.

Address: 88-90 Middlesex St London E1 7EZ

Telephone: 020 7247 2200

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