Japanese Canteen – London Middlesex Street + Tower of London Poppies

A couple of days after visiting My Old Place I decided it was about time I went to Japanese Canteen. I had seen this place a year ago and haven’t even tried it out!! When I passed it during the evening it was quite busy and I saw the sign Korean fried chicken, and thought I must go and eat there!!
I got there just after it opened, and there were already customers sitting around! There’s an extensive menu of Korean and Japanese food. Not sure why there’s Korean food when it’s a “Japanese” restaurant but that doesn’t matter as long as the food is delicious, simple and filling. ^_^
Japanese Canteen

The place looks very quiet during the day but it’s busy at night.

Many seats

Can you see how long the menu is?!!

Extensive menu!

Pretty honeycomb like lantern…

Love the lantern

I ordered the strawberry and apple fruit juice. It isn’t bad

I ordered the Korean Fried Chicken donburi a.k.a “KFC” heheh. This came with rice and salad like a bibimbap with the hot stone bowl. The chicken was in a nice sticky sweet Korean red pepper sauce. It doesn’t look hot but it definitely was spicy hot and hot, hot. I was pretty much full after eating this! Really, really filling if you’re just looking for one dish to eat.
Korean Fried Chicken Donburi
And I had to order takoyaki which was smothered in mayonnaise and okonomiyaki brown sauce. Quality of the takoyaki was good! Even the piece of the octopus was substantial. ^_^ Too bad there were only 4 pieces. I would have liked it if there were two more. ¬.¬”
Big piece of octopus inside

My meal ^___^

Total cost came to £10.85!! Wow. I finally found a place where I can enjoy a meal for around £10.

My geeky rating: 5/5

Good points:
– A combination of Korean and Japanese food
– Very spacious
– Polite service
– Cheapish and affordable for a night out

Bad points:
– Nothing I can think of really!

Address: 100 Middlesex Street, London E1 7EZ

Website: http://www.thejapanesecanteen.co.uk/index2.html


Next stop was Tower of London. I could have walked from Liverpool Street to there but was lazy and got the bus. ¬_¬” Ms LǜFù informed us about this so I thought I might as well have a look.

The surroundings of Tower of London is filled with poppies (which are not real, they are made out of ceramic). This is to commemorate Remembrance Day on November 11th.

Looks like they are planning more stuff…

Sea of ceramic poppies

These pictures were taken with my Sony camera (not the phone)

Close up shot of the ceramic poppies

Let’s remember the heroes and the soldiers who fought during WW1…

Website: http://poppies.hrp.org.uk/

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