Nissin Tokyo Shoyu Noodles

I’ve blogged about the Nissin Black Oil ramen now it’s the Tokyo Shoyu. As mentioned in the previous post this is a Product of Singapore and not Hong Kong or Japan. This ramen looks rather authentic except for the soup, and I rather like this version.
Unfortunately you can’t get this is many places. I found this in the Rice Wine Shop in Air Street and you can also get this in Oriental Delights in China Town – a pack of 5 for £3.50. Both places are similar in prices.
Tokyo Shoyu Ramen

Product of Singapore

Back of the packet

All the stuff in the packet

Well I cooked it as the packet says (just in case I get into trouble from a reader ¬.¬”). Put the same base in.

Add the soup base and oil after cooking

And then sprinkled the nori on top.

Sprinkle that nori ^_^

Verdict? This is the best ramen I have ever tasted from a packet. It’s a little oily and the soup is a little salty but very tasty. I basically drank all the soup as it tasted so good. The noodles were like spaghetti and there was so much of it!

I recommend this to any ramen fans even if you can’t make it to the famous ramen bars in London or around the world.

Next goal is to learn how to cook a Hanjuku egg to eat with these ramen!

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