Lotte Let’s Be Cafetime Morning and Latte

Whoopsie Daisy. I completely forgot to blog about these drinks over the summer. Was pre-occupied with the heat to even remember!

Well, these are coffees from Korea which I found in Longdan Express and I forgot the prices of them. They aren’t expensive. (To be truthful, I bought these because of the cartoons on the front, so gullible for cartoon-like products!).

Let’s Be Cafetime Morning and Latte

First I tried out the Morning version. It’s very sweet and it’s quite watery. This only had small amounts of coffee taste and it was only a little creamy… it didn’t keep me awake at work unfortunately. I suppose it didn’t have enough caffeine!

I drank the latte version a few moments later. This one was also quite sweet, didn’t taste like a latte, but it did have some milk… unfortunately it was quite watery too.

I won’t be buying these again! Needs a little improvement with the taste methinks…

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