Sushi Hiroba (Japanese Fusion Restaurant) – London Holborn

The stupid geek lost her pictures of this lovely restaurant on her phone by accidentally “cutting and pasting” rather than “copying and pasting”, so what did I do? I went back to eat more sushi of course… Any excuse to eat more sushi really. ¬_¬” Heheh.
Sushi Hiroba
This restaurant has been around for years but on weekends it opens at 6pm, which is a little annoying if you want to eat there at lunch time… First trip round was on one weekend and I spent less than £50 on these dishes. Yes around £50. An expensive sushi meal this was! Shouldn’t be so greedy as the plates were just coming. 😀
Instagram picture of the food I ate the first time round
Second trip round and I tried to eat the same amount of plates and this time I managed to spend less! Yay!

When you go in, you get the choice of sitting at a table or at the sushi bar. On both occasions I ate at the sushi bar. It’s a bit like Yo! Sushi but the sushi is expensive (and I would say a bit more tasty). Each plate is colour coded and there’s a price tag for each coloured plate, so I recommend looking at the prices of each plate before diving in. I think the restaurant is run by Koreans as I could hear them talking in Korean. I don’t mind as long as the food is delicious and appetising!
They have pretty lampshades

The sushi kept coming
Here’s what I had second time round. I really like that everything is fresh and the fact that the rice is warm for some of this dishes made…
Scrumptious breaded crumbs on top

I think this is eel

Salmon onigiri

Don’t know which raw fish this is

Squid sushi

Tamago (omelette) sushi

Not sure what this is called, it had sesame oil and it tasted like siu mai

Prawn katsu sushi

Scallop sushi – I recommend!!!

Avocado and sushi roll
Second trip cost just over £39 including the drink. Not bad, but I might just stick to eating cheap bentos from Wasabi. Or I’ll eat the Korean food… ^_^

My geeky rating: 4.5/5

Good points: 
– Freshly made sushi
– Polite and friendly service
– Recommend the fresh scallop sushi!

Bad points:
– Expensive place to dine (but I recommend this place for the business people and lawyers that work around the area… and basically if you’re willing to fish out a lot of money)
– Opens at 6pm on weekends (wished it opened at 12pm…)

Address: 50-54 Kingsway, London WC2B 6EP
Telephone: 020 7430 1888


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