Honest Burgers – Brixton Village Market

As I went back to Mama Lan to take another picture of the place, I thought I might as well and stop by and eat at Honest Burgers which is a few doors away. Mr Picky had a burger there last year and he seemed to like it.
Thankfully when I got there it wasn’t too busy. Perfect timing! I took a bench seat in the corner inside the little restaurant and had a good look at the menu. I already knew what I wanted but had a browse anyway…
Honest Burgers

Inside Honest Burgers Brixton
I ordered the Cheese burger and I forgot to tell them I wanted Stilton cheese, but that doesn’t matter. It came with a big plateful of chips that were salted and almost resembled wedges as some of the chips had the skin on. A different style of chips! The plate I noticed looked very basic and they look like plates that my parents would have used in the 70’s / 80’s. They only give you one knife and no fork is included.
Yummy burger and chips!
The burger itself came in a soft brioche like looking bun that wasn’t sweet. The cheese melted nicely onto the beef burger and this looked very big to eat at first! Well, my verdict is that it tastes better than a Gourmet Burger Kitchen burger. It has a sweet tasting relish accompanying the burger and  the beef burger was very well done, which was what I wanted!
Close up of the Cheese burger
I asked for the curry sauce which was only £1 extra, why not! The curry sauce was a little spicy and it was also salty. Didn’t like the saltiness of the curry sauce so I added ketchup on plate (which was hard to get out!). It’s worth a try though.
Curry sauce

My well done burger
Total price came to £11 including my drink. Wow. A burger joint that is actually worth going to and I would definitely come here again! A very “honest” burger place. ^_^ Bad joke!

My geeky rating: 5/5

Good points:
– Cheap-ish burger meal (better than eating at GBK!)
– Very filling since they give you a lot of chips

Bad points:
– Nothing majorly bad to report here…

Address: Unit 12, Brixton Village, London SW9 8PR
Telephone: 020 7733 7963

Website: http://www.honestburgers.co.uk/

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