Mudo Korea Restaurant – London St Giles High Street (Closed)

So this is the last Korean restaurant along St Giles High Street but obviously not the last Korean restaurant I’ll be going to!
It was not a surprise to see ASSA Yorimichi go as more Koreans frequent the area than the Japanese and I believe Korean food has become more of an in thing recently (but I still love my Chinese and Japanese foods!!!).
Mudo Korea that replaced ASSA Yorimichi

I find Mudo Korea a little bit like Seoul Bakery but with more choice of food and staff, plus they have a downstairs with seating too! However it is a bit expensive like the other Korean restaurants along the high street. Seoul Bakery happens to be the cheapest. In Mudo Korea you can also write on their walls with cartoons etc., etc. No need for post-it notes! Plus they have free Wi-Fi!!

Lots of scribbling on the wall

Upside down menus

Miss Pinky loved the PSY posters, so I thought why not take some more pictures!

PSY posters

More scribbling… cute!!

So was it hard to choose what food we wanted. Not really since I was dying from a cardiovascular workout held by Miss Pinky’s other younger brother. Ugh. Cardiovascular workouts are so tough!! And this is what we had…

Side dishes came out first. Miss Pinky was munching away at these…

Side dishes
Miss Pinky saw this Jjampong Ramen dish in the window of the shop. And this looks nothing like what we saw in the window! Damn photo shoots. Food never looks the same as it does in the window! She ordered this without prawns due to her allergies. Well, Miss Pinky loved this. It was spicy. The squid was nice and tender and the soup was good too. There are a lot of veggies in this one too.
Jjampong Ramen
Another dish that was shown in the window were these marinated beef ribs. Wow. These tasted really good! A little salty. Marinate was great! And the beef was nice and tender. Chewable and not too hard to the bone. I would have definitely snucked a few more pieces from this hot plate if Miss Pinky wasn’t looking. Heheh. 😀
Marinated beef ribs

Next came my Korean fried chicken. This comes with 2 beers at £17. An expensive dish but at least Miss Pinky got the beers! They were nice and hot when they came out. The chicken meat was very moist and juicy inside but unfortunately it lacked a little salt and sauces weren’t suggested. 😦 I could have done with some extra spicy sauce as a dip! You can buy this for £10 as takeaway without the beers.

Fried Chicken
Both of us ordered a beef bibimbap each. Not sure why Miss Pinky ordered more than she could actually eat… she just wanted to take this away. This looks like the type of bibimbap you would have at home rather than in a restaurant. It looks similar to Seoul Bakery but there’s more in here! It comes with a fried egg… and all I can say it was good. I think Miss Pinky was a tiny bit disappointed as it wasn’t in a hot pot.
Beef Bibimbap

The bill!

Total cost £57.20 including service charge. We spent arount £30 each, so it wasn’t too bad for what we got in the end. I would definitely come here again to eat more of the fried chicken and maybe tryout something else.

My geeky rating: 4.5/5

Good points:
– Free Wi-Fi available (just look for the code on the wall)
– Loved the fried chicken (but it needs salt or flavouring)
– Polite service (our waitress was very good at memorising our order without writing it down!!)

Bad points:
– A bit expensive
– Service charge (as usual)

Address: 53 St Giles High St, London WC2H 8LH
Telephone: Can’t find one!

No website!!