Nissin Soba Cup Noodles

What? More noodles? But these are cup noodles!! ¬,¬””
I’ve been on the slow blogging path this month. Reason: trying to save up for my holiday next month (which isn’t going too bad). But when I come back, I’m positive there will extremely loads to blog about!
Spotted these Nissin Soba Cup noodles in Longdan which are a little expensive than the usual cup noodle you get in an Asian store. What are soba noodles? They are usually made out of buckwheat, but I think these ones aren’t. Didn’t look at the ingredients! Whoopsie. They are quite popular and can be eaten cold in a cold broth.
There are 4 flavours (the curry one I found a week or so later). Please make sure you follow the instructions as the water can burn you… It can be exhausting though using their method of draining the water from the lid’s holes.
Starting off with the Classic Soba noodles… These definitely taste like soba, they are a bit spicy and it’s light for a snack and definitely not for a meal.

Teriyaki flavoured one came with a sweet soy sauce but it was a tiny bit salty. Tastes like teriyaki and not overwhelming with the sauce as most teriyaki dishes are filled with the sauce.

Chilli tasted sweet, it wasn’t spicy like the Korean stuff but hot enough if you like chilli flavoured foods.

The Curry flavour is good! It’s sweet, there’s a slight pungent curry smell. It’s picy but not overpowering with the curry flavour. You have to really mix the sauce in to get the curry flavour throughout.

For each cup noodle you need to thoroughly mix the sauces in to get it all even with the flavours. Vegetables sank to the bottom, but not really that much of a problem if you don’t like veggies I guess.
There are also packet versions but I haven’t tried those ones out yet. My favourite one is the classic soba one!!
Cost per cup: £1.40 – expensive!

5 thoughts on “Nissin Soba Cup Noodles

  1. Anonymous

    I've enjoyed all 4 varities of these too. Can I just ask though, what exactly is 'exhausting' about turning a plastic pot upside down to drain away 200ml of water?


  2. Lol! Good question! The water drains quite slowly via the lid holes, so you're just standing there draining for a long while. Best to take off the lid and pour out the water.Got told off one time for not following instructions! :p


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