Lost in Tokyo, Japan 2014: Day 1 – An almost perfect start

Yes I’m back! Refreshed and ready to get back into blogging about this trip. ^_^ For the next two weeks it’s all about Japan!

Saturday 1st November

Ahhh. I finally got to go on a trip this year that’s long distance and far away from London… Remember when Miss Pinky and I went to Dallas? Well our deal was, was if we went to Dallas then we’re going to Japan. It’s taken us more than a year to get this organised as I went to Hong Kong and Miss Pinky was also busy (and still is). I booked our flights and hotel using Expedia as it seems they always have the best deals when you need it. So flight and hotel was less than £1000 per person. We selected BA as I think it was a new flight that just came on the website. Straight flight, no stopping and no connecting flights… ^_^ Yipee.

We both got up quite early and met up, took the tube via Waterloo Jubilee line then changed at Green Park for the Picadilly Line and made our way to Terminal 5. Along the journey to the airport we met a lady who was going to Amsterdam and I think she missed her flight although we never saw her again when we reached the departure lounge… That almost ruined our morning, but thankfully we were greeted by a BA kiosk lady who was extremely bubbly and another lady at the money exchange. Yeah we changed our money at the airport which we shouldn’t have done, but nevermind, we just hoped we had enough money for the trip because it didn’t look like a lot. The amount I got was so little as the exchange rate was 159 yen to a pound. Not much right? Miss Pinky complained about it as it didn’t look like much.

We passed security and then had breakfast at Huxley’s which looks like a posh dining area but isn’t that posh really. Both of us has the classical English breakfast. It wasn’t bad and I did like the hash brown as it didn’t taste soggy. The only complaint about this place was that the cutlery looked like they were for children rather for adults to eat breakfast.

Huxleys at Heathrow Terminal 5


My geeky rating: 4/5

After breakfast it was time to move and look around Heathrow Terminal 5. It was my first time at Terminal 5 but it looks no different than the other airports that I’ve been to so far.

Boarding for the flight felt almost like a mission. We had to actually go to the lower ground, hop on a mini bus then get on the plane. How did they build Terminal 5 to be like this? No connection via the actual terminal gate… Unbelievable!

When we got onto the plane it was a matter of waiting. Over an hours wait due to a technical failure in the entertainment system. Could we survive on the flight without entertainment? I think not… This did not impress Miss Pinky and the other passengers but at least the plane speeded up on its flight and we practically arrived almost on time. May I just say here our captain has really great confident voice!

Here’s my dinner on the plane. The beef curry. Lovely presentation but the curry needed seasoning. Thankfully there was no ice cream involved and no cold fruits. BA got this one right.

Beef curry dish on BA flight

For breakfast I had the omelette. This wasn’t bad at all. Good seasoning, but didn’t like the beans. Not sweet enough. Coffee was good too. Danish was stale. Overall it wasn’t too bad.

Breakfast on BA flight

We were very lucky at the end of the flight as a baby started and that baby never cried during the entire flight! We landed just before 8 am… Too early!!

About to land!

End of Day 1.

p.s. Lots of people have already mistaken me for being Japanese. Uh oh!! Watashi wa chugoku jin desu! 私は中国人です

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