Lost in Tokyo, Japan 2014: Day 5 – Akihabara and Shibuya

Wednesday 5th November
We started this day at 11ish in the morning. We were both hungry so we made our way to a cafe/restaurant near the hotel called Jonathan’s. Another American-Japanese influenced diner. 
Jonathan’s Coffee & Restaurant Hatchobori
It got busy at lunch time
I ordered a French Onion soup and a burger steak covered in tomato soup. I enjoyed my food and Miss Pinky just looked at me in horror… What? It’s food. Chinese people eat anything, right? She tried to annoy me but saying bad things about my food, but I didn’t care. *ROLL EYES*.
French onion soup

Hamburger steak in tomato sauce
Miss Pinky ordered a hamburger steak covered in a soy sauce based sauce (I think it was teriyaki sauce) but she thought it was too sweet. I thought it was ok and not sweet at all. She must eat a lot of salty foods! 
Total came to 2526 yen (£15.89). Not bad!! Not sure why people think Japan is expensive, it isn’t really…

My geeky rating: 4/5

Address: Jonathan Hatchobori, 1 Chome-12-8 Hatchobori, Chuo, Tokyo 104-0032, Japan
Website: http://www.skylark.co.jp/jonathan/

From this point onwards I don’t think Miss Pinky was not having the best of luck as it kind of got worse for her (not that bad really but kind of not a happy feeling moment)… We returned back to the hotel to get extra clothing as it was cold that morning. Then we made our way to Akihabara via the Hibiya line. It’s only a few stops from Kayabacho.
Akihabara Station
When we got off we kind of went the wrong way so we asked a shop assistant the way (in Japanese). We got there in the end but couldn’t see the manga and anime stuff that people talked about. We walked around a bit and spotted a cosplay building… We did go in but it felt like we were going into a creepy sex shop. Ugh. We saw pervy men (even pervy business men) and couples. I felt nauseous seeing some of the toys and videos. Eeeeeek!! I do not recommend unless you like seeing this stuff. (No wonder the guys at the Japanese bar from the night before were laughing at us when we said we were going to Akihabara… I only wanted to see the manga stuff!!!!!!).
Akihabara porno shop
Next we moved onto the anime and manga scene plus electronic stores. It felt like I was back in Hong Kong… This is the part I liked about Akihabara… We went looking for souvenirs, gifts and all sorts… 

So many figurines!

Then Miss Pinky grabbed a leaflet. A Maidreamin leaflet. We stopped to look at the leaflet and then somehow we were dragged to the store by the person who handed out the leaflet. I wanted to have a look anyway so we made our way up to Maiden Dreamin cafe. It was kind of creepy and the place was a cafe with girls dressed up in maid suits. There were some pervy looking guys there already and I thought woah! Anyway we ordered our food and I took a picture with the girls. Miss Pinky was not impressed so she declined having her picture taken. (I bet Mr Picky was upset).
Maidreamin cafe

Ice coffee

My omurice was ok but the mushroom sauce was not good. Love the cat picture though!!


Miss Pinky forgot to tell the girl that she didn’t like ketchup (or any sauce in fact!)… This made her upset for not telling the girl.

Katsu curry
It was over 2000 yen per person (but it depends on what set menu you go for). Miss Pinky just wanted to get out of there as soon as possible… I was actually giggling all the way as this was a one time experience I would never forget. I think Mr Stingy (my brother) was proud of us going to one of these places!

Address: Kyoei-sotokanda-daiichi BLDG.4-4-2 Sotokanda Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 101-0021 Japan

Website: http://maidreamin.com/en

Next it was shopping time again. We ended up buying some souvenirs for friends and family… That took a while! 

We finally ended up heading towards Shibuya by taking he JR line where I wanted to see the Shibuya Crossing. It was amazing! I crossed over it 3 times that day! Miss Pinky was in shock as she hates crowds. Oh dear, she never said that to me before!!
So many people at the Shibuya Crossing!!

1000% Wedding… I like those dresses ad well as the Hello Kitty picture in the window!

We walked around after this, we ended up in another “British” pub run by Japanese and I had a disgusting hot buttered rum. Yuck!!!!
Oooo which street artist sticker can you spot here?

Abbot’s Choice Pub

Yucky buttered rum
Address: Japan, 〒150-0043 Tokyo, Shibuya, Dogenzaka, 1−11−1, 1階

We walked more after this and Miss Pinky had spotted a 100 yen store! I bought lots of chocolates from here. Heheh.

It’s street art heaven in Shibuya and this place just reminded me a bit of Shoreditch.

Hahahaha!! Male Hello Kitty street artist sticker

Lots of street art stickers

Invader’s Lucky Cat in Shibuya

What the heck are these people doing? Red Bull thing going on here…


Then we ended up stopping for a drink. This is a melon drink and we should’ve ordered something to eat!!!! But we didn’t…

We looked around this department store but decided to go and do a bit more shopping before returning back to the hotel. 

Miss Pinky made our way back hungry and tired. So we had dinner at Prontos which is sort of an “Italian” restaurant. We ordered our food but Miss Pinky’s main dish didn’t seem to have been ordered, although the waitress asked several times about what Miss Pinky wanted… She was disappointed and so we left the restaurant still hungry! 
Pronto in Kayabacho

Before we left we had this…

Peach drink


The pizza is very thin crusted, so you might want to order more food if you get super hungry.
Forgot the total price as we left quite hastily. 😦
My geeky rating: 3/5 – service was just too slow!
Address: プロント PRONTO 茅場町店 Japan 〒103-0025 Tokyo, Chuo, Nihonbashikayabacho, 1 Chome−11−2
Website: http://www.pronto.co.jp/

I had a pot noodle and lemon tea from Lawaon and Miss Pinky decided to walk a hit further and get a meal at Nakau (but they forgot to give her a spoon)… Miss Pinky’s day was bad. 😦  She told me later in the second week that she walked a few blocks to let off steam before returning to the room. 
Cup noodles and Lemon tea

End of Day 5.

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