Lost in Tokyo, Japan 2014: Day 8 – Yokohama China Town

Saturday 8th November
My body seems to know when it’s Saturday because I got up late (not that late though… Miss Pinky couldn’t sleep much… Probably because of my tiredness and snoring). Anyway, I started off with eating some mini sandwiches that I bought at Shimbashi Station the night before. The bakery is called Kobeya.
The sandwiches are cute, and filling for ones stomach for breakfast. Each mini sandwich has a different filling with crustless white bread. This cost 570 yen (~£3.58) by using my Pasmo card. 
Mini sandwiches
Hotel reception called… It seems if we don’t go out before 12 they will ask if we want room service… Miss Pinky not impressed… She wanted to sleep more!
Time to head out to Yokohama! (This was Miss Pinky’s idea on the first day we got here to Japan). What’s in Yokohama? China Town. Yes we went out to find THE China Town in Japan. This time I let Miss Pinky take us there. And she took us the long way ’round or a way that I would have not chosen…. So we went from Kayabacho Station to Otemachi and changed for the Maranouchi line heading towards Tokyo Station (but that line is just so far away… Finally we got off at Shinjuku Station. We had to get a round trip ticket for 840 yen (~£5.28) from Shinjuku to Yokohama.  
We finally got to Yokohama, but unfortunately we were at the wrong stop. We had to take another train to the actual stop… Already tired from the long train journey and we had to get on another train! This is not straightforward Miss Pinky!

Not at the right station

Finally we got there and it was already 4 pm. Both of us were kind of hungry in which we ended up in a Chinese restaurant (Miss Pinky wanted to eat frog legs but they don’t serve it anywhere in China Town in Japan).  

We ended up in a place that was serving food for 1980 yen (~£12.45) per person for as much as you can eat and drink.

Total came to 4957 yen (~£31.18). Not bad. But the food was not entirely great. Plus they kept staring at Miss Pinky which I don’t think she appreciated.
My geeky rating: 3.5/5.

Address: 華福飲店 Japan, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture Yubinbango231-0023 Yamashita-cho 192-16

In China Town you have to be careful with the prices of things you are going to buy. Make sure you know how much you are going to pay for items that are not labelled with the price… Miss Pinky practically got cheated from buying bracelets for 6000 yen!!!!!

We ended up walking around and we found a Chinese temple. We went in (without paying for incense) and was shooed away… oh dear. It costs 500 yen (~£3.14) to buy incense by the way. At least we made it in there for free.

More walking came along and a few more pictures from aroud the area…

Never seen a man with a hat on a street sign before!

Have you seen these criminals?!!

And then we ended up in a bar called Norge… I had a cocktail at a reasonable price of 1000 yen (~£6.28).

Miss Pinky had a bloody mary…

Final walk around the China Town area before heading back! We only spent 2 and half hours there… We spotted this TV outside and they were singing the song from Puroland… 

Miss Pinky laughed at me earlier for not realising there were signs on the stairs to say where China Town was…

Then it was time to go back (after shopping for a few more things)… We took the metro straight to Shibuya, I think we needed to get off there and reuse our return ticket but instead we changed at Ebisu and took the Hibiya line back to Kayabachō. Unfortunately we had to pay extra to get pass the gates… 200 yen extra (~£1.26). 😦

It was an empty train we got on so I took a few pictures on the train and its advertisements… Advertising in Japan is essential!

Dinner consisted of a cheap bento and drinks from Lawson . 🙂 I tried out Orange Coca Cola (apparently that flavour already existed in London) and a low alcoholic apple cider… Miss Pinky had those beers / lager.

My dinner… The bento is good for 369 yen (£~2.32) so cheap!!! Had a soft creamy cake, an egg (already cooked and ready to eat) and Ghana chocolate from Lotte.

Instructions on how to break your egg…


Both of us were exhausted so it was time to head off to sleep… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

End of Day 8.

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