Lost in Tokyo, Japan 2014: Day 9 – Imperial Palace Gardens & Sensoji Temple

Seemed to have taken too many pictures for this post!! 

Sunday 9th November

Sunday started off before 12! Both Miss Pinky and I couldn’t sleep much that night because we weren’t stressed out from the day before.
First stop was Lawson’s. I got myself a packet of croissants that had ham in it. I’m sure croissants are supposed to taste sweet as these weren’t sweet at all. Oh well. It filled me for a few hours.
Croissants with ham
Next stop was the Imperial Palace Gardens. We took a simpler route via Ginza to Tokyo Station (my route was better from Miss Pinky’s route as we seemed to have exited the right way). It was a small walk from the station to the palace and we seemed to have walked in area that I thought could be used for a catwalk! Pretty! Tokyo Station is just awesome!
In Tokyo Station
Just to warn you, you must try and cover your skin as there are tiny mosquitoes that fly about the river banks. There is a warning sign that tells you the rules of the grounds.

Miss Pinky said these look like mushrooms

Those bonsai trees are massive!

Be care of the mosquitoes!!
We walked around the Palace Gardens for about an hour, it’s unfortunate we couldn’t go inside the Palace itself. I am sure it is spectacular inside! Here’s just a lot of pictures from around the area… (see you in about a minute’s time of scrolling. ^_^).

Massive carp!
It was time to head elsewhere, but before that, I took more pictures of adverts and posters in the station.
Map… you probably can’t see any of that…

Next stop was Akihabara, we had to go there to exchange one of Miss Pinky’s gifts for one of her brothers. Then we stopped off at a sushi bar… The ones with the rotating belts. It had to be done. All that time in Yo! Sushi and other sushi bars was worth it. And to experience it in Japan was the greatest opportunity ever!!
Kaiten sushi (rotating sushi) 回転寿司

 It’s selve serving with the green tea in which they give you green powder on the table and then you just add your own hot water…! Wow! Saves your waitress/waiter having to pour you anything!

I had to try out natto beans once more just to make sure that I will never eat it again… Yep. I’m sure that I will never eat natto EVER again!!

My geeky rating: 4.5/5. Cost less than 800 yen (~£5.03) for what I had! That is just mega cheap. I wish London’s sushi bars were that cheap.
Address: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Sotokanda 1-17-6JR Akihabara Station Electric Town
We decided to go to one more area which was recommended to us by the men at the Japanese bar we went to a few nights ago, Sensoji Temple. It’s easy to get to from Akihabara. Just take the train! 😀

We changed at Ueno Station and saw this massive giant panda doll outside…

We’re almost to the temple!!

We went the wrong way… but we went to find a loo…

Loo stop in Burger King. Sorry…. But we spotted a poster for black bun burgers. I wished I had tried one on the spot!

We first saw the big door Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate). It is massive! Miss Pinky hates crowds so we ended up going the wrong way for a few minutes.

After ending up going the wrong way we ended up in the market stall areas and headed towards the temple. The temple is grand! (I took more pictures, so keep scrolling).

We also got to see a small parade. I don’t know what it was for, but it was very pretty and they kept chanting throughout the whole parade.

Back to the market stalls and more picture taking!

And we had some barbecue food. It was 500 yen per stick (~£3.14). I had the scallops and Miss Pinky had the beef and mussels. She found hers too sweet and had added a lot of spicy powder onto her food. I found it ok…

These dogs look hungry!

From Sensoji Temple we headed back to the hotel and I ended up eating a cheapish dinner from Family Mart. Omurice in brown sauce and oden! The person at the counter did a proper bowl to me. Wow. I don’t think in all the stores they do this. ^_^. Oden is like a stew. It’s a lot of fishcakes, eggs, parsnip and some other stuff and then soaked in a broth. It tastes ok but can smell a bit. 
Oden and omurice
The night ended early and I started parking to see how much more I could fit in. Miss Pinky thinks I was being paranoid because I said I wouldn’t be able to fit my clothes in… Not really… Just planning ahead… Thought she was going to hit me for not asking her to help me pack too!!! Then she started re-packing as well! Oh dear…