Lost in Tokyo, Japan 2014: Day 10 – a walk, a bus ride, Yaro Ramen Bar and Roppongi Hills

Monday 10th November
I seem to always wake up on time, so I kind of got ready before 12 thinking that I would be able to have lunch at the soba store a few doors away from the hotel. I was wrong. It was lunch time and that meant a lot of the business men (men in black as Miss Pinky called them) were out for their afternoon meals. I didn’t want to queue and I didn’t want to get a ticket… So I left and got a couple of buns from Lawson’s and ate in the hotel lobby. 😦
Eating more buns for breakfast

Miss Pinky was finally ready, so we headed in the opposite direction from the business area from the hotel… Basically we headed to the right side (instead of the left). It’s actually quite beautiful on this end. Very quiet and hardly any men in black.

On your way you will also see a 100 yen (~£0.63) store (but don’t forget about the additional taxes). So if you need to find some quick and easy gifts then this is the place to go to from Smile Hotel.

100 yen store 

From here we found a bus stop. It really isn’t that hard to understand, you just need to know where the bus is going and what time it will be coming. You should probably jot down a few places in kanji although the bus LED signs inside the bus will tell you in English (just like in London ). It’s 210 yen (~£1.32) for adults and 110 yen (~£0.69) for children… cheap!!

We ended up in Tsukiji, so we took another bus heading towards Tokyo Big Site. I think we missed the stop and ended up at the last stop. But we saw a big massive monument in which I have no idea what it’s supposed to be.

We took the same bus back heading towards Tokyo Station. A lot of men in black seemed to be heading home. Lucky workers who finished at 3!

From Tokyo Station we went to Shimbashi and stopped off for ramen. This place is called Yaro Ramen 野郎ラーメン. I used Google Translator to translate the name and it came out with “Bastard Ramen”. Lol!!! How did this place end up with this name! Unfortunately I couldn’t finish my ramen as the bowel was too big, it had too many bean sprouts, ramen was thick, pork was big too… It’s a place for men to eat and women who have massive appetites. I didn’t have a massive appetite but the guy next to us did! 😦
野郎ラメン Yaro Ramen (Translation: “Bastard Ramen” … LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

My geeky rating: 4.5/5, but 5/5 for business peeps around the area!

Address: 野郎ラーメン 新橋駅前店 Japan, Yubinbango105-0004 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 2-chome, 9-7

Website: http://www.yaroramen.com/

Buy your lottery tickets here

Back in Shimbashi Station…

And now Tokyo Station…

We took the Oedo Line heading towards Roppongi Hills.

We managed to get ourselves to Roppongi (not pronounced Ropponji but like Rop-pon-gee). Walked towards Roppongi Hills which is basically a shopping district and I think it’s famous for foreigners. Fewer people were about which is a good thing as Miss Pinky hates crowds plus there was a lot less staring!

Off we walk and we saw a big massive rose which is ideal for couples and romantic people. 

Then Miss Pinky noticed that we could see Tokyo Tower from there! Wow! So beautiful at night! 

We then walked a bit more around the area.

Then we somehow ended up in a coffee shop called Goodday for you Roppongi, so we had a cheesecake each and I had an ice coffee!

Miss Pinky didn’t expect her cheesecake to be so different. It’s very different to the Westernized version.

Miss Pinky’s Blueberry Cheesecake

My pumpkin cheesecake didn’t taste too cheesy but it was quite hard and solid looking but it tasted really good! The ice coffee needed more syrup…

Pumpkin Cheesecake and ice coffee

My geeky rating: 5/5 (I would come back to this place again)

Address:  3 Chome-10-10 Roppongi, Minato, Tokyo, Japan
Website: http://www.goodday-foryou.com/

Then finally we had a drink at Tunnel+ (and I needed the loo at this point!)… ¬_¬”””

Address: 7 Chome-19-9 Roppongi, Minato, Tokyo 106-0032, Japan

It was time to return back. Miss Pinky had a long nap and I went down to the lobby to start my Instagramming and blogging!
Then we went out to eat. I wanted to eat soba noodles as I didn’t get to eat it that afternoon so I went to the place near the hotel. Since Miss Pinky is allergic to prawns she went back to Pronto for pizza and buffalo wings.

I think Komoro Soba is a branch store as I saw many of these stores around Tokyo.

Komoro Soba in Kayabacho

Quite astounded that they had a “standing table” for the  busy people to eat their noodles and go.

But thankfully I got a seat…

My tempura prawns may look big but actually they are quite small it’s just the batter that made them look big! The soup was sour and sweetish ad the noodles were just perfect. I think I would like to try cold soba next time… ^_^

This was less than 500 yen (~£3.00)… so bloody cheap!!

My geeky rating: 5/5

Address: 小諸そば 茅場町店 1-11-3 Nihonbashikayabacho, Chuo, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan

Whilst in Pronto, Miss Pinky decided she needed Western food to keep her happy,.. although the food was good, Miss Pinky the service was still terrible… When we ordered the bill (by saying bill) they gave us beer instead… Say “check” instead, they understand that!

I had a pear cocktail… it was ok,but needed a bit more sugar sweetness in there.

2nd rating for Pronto: 3/5
End of Day 10.

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