Lost in Tokyo, Japan 2014: Day 13 – Last minute shopping!

Thursday 13th November
Thursday seemed to be a struggle for the two of us. We couldn’t sleep and seemed to be running on British afternoon time… However we did manage to sleep, and I always seem to wake up around the same time.
Since I woke up early I went downstairs to use the WiFi in the lobby area to check in with my flight. I was just wishing that no one sat next to me (on the flight)!!!
It was now time to do last minute shopping in Ginza, so we took the metro to Shimbashi and walked to this toy store that we fell in love with on our first trip there (it’s my favourite cute store in Tokyo). We had to buy Mr Picky a robot!

After shopping around we took the metro and ended up in Hiro-Ginza Station to see how we could get from somewhere to Narita Terminal 2. It almost looked like a mission, and luckily we didn’t go the full way otherwise we would have no more money on our Pasmo cards. We actually asked someone at the gates (there’s always an information desk at each station gate you go to).
We came out of the station with some struggle as we had already paid using our Pasmo cards to do this train journey which never happened.

We got back to Ginza but it seemed we were on the wrong side, so I had to ask a gentleman in Japanese of course on how to get back to Shimbashi Station. He pointed the direction as in go straight (which is what I said to Miss Pinky in the first place :P).

We walked for a bit and finally ended up in Shimbashi and then headed back to our favourite ramen bar. A film crew seemed to be there at this point, so you may see us on TV (remember I am Chinese). We had our final bowl of ramen and it was time to say goodbye to this forever! 😦

Miss Pinky spotted this crossing… doesn’t it look like a mini version of the Shibuya Crossing but it’s in Shimbashi… ¬_¬””

Crossing in Shimbashi
Miss Pinky and I headed back to the hotel where we did out final packing and wanted to test out the robot (but that never happened as the robot was sealed perfectly in its box). We also saw a little puppy shiba dog with her owner. She was so cute! Fur is different as it feels like Afro hair. It really does!
Shiba dog – I want one!!
After an hour or so of watching Japanese TV and sumo wrestling it was time to head back to have a walk and get dinner. We walked passed Starbucks and the bridge this time and we seemed to have discovered another supermarket and a wine store and some other mini stores. Why didn’t we walk this way in the first place?! Miss Pinky said, it was for the best, otherwise we would have bought too much and stuffed our suitcases with excess luggage. 😦
Tried out Stewed Five Berries… I’m sure I’ve had this before…

Hanamasa supermarket… Nothing much in there that I liked. I preferred Aeon!

Makihara… It’s a wine store as well as a snack store…

Another conbini!!

My dinner this time was again from Nakau. I like this place because of the fried chicken they do. (My only regret on this trip was that I never tried the black bun burger really). I love this place because it’s cheap.

Final drink of that night was some sake. It was like drinking whisky but I don’t think I will be drinking sake for another few years. Yeek!!
Mini sake… It was about 108 yen, something like that…

Couldn’t really sleep that night but I managed 4 hours. Miss Pinky was the same… couldn’t sleep because I started snoring… 😛

End of Day 13.

Day 14: http://asimplegeekylife.blogspot.co.uk/2014/11/lost-in-tokyo-japan-2014-day-14-end-of.html

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