Marks and Spencer Christmas "Follow The Fairies" Adverts 2014

For the whole of December (and the last day of November) it’s going to be all about Christmas – adverts, food and all!!

Marks and Spencer seem to surprise me every year with their adverts. Don’t know why. Last year it was all about fairy tales and fashion, and it seems they have moved on to telling a fairy tale of their own this year. ^_^

Here are two fairies (from where I assume come from Fairy Land), one teaches the other about using their “magic” and “sparkle” (saw the pun there – M&S) helping out families, couples, kids, a person with a lost cat and new lovers come together for Christmas. It’s a fun advert. I like this one very much compared to the re-telling of fairy tales from last year. It tells you more about the clothes that you can buy for people for Christmas in this ad.

But YES! Marks and Spencer are back with a food advert for Christmas. It’s about time too!! Being looking forward to these. The Banquet Advert is lavishing with rich foods that make your mouth water at the start but then it kind of slips towards the end because the desserts and cakes don’t unfortunately make my mouth water. M&S need to put more dribble (with sauces) and less sparkle in this ad. A little bit disappointed with this.

Same goes with the Party Food ad. The only part that made me dribble were the desserts towards the end.

All in all, it was a good effort from M&S – the first advert was the best out of the three here!