Sainsbury’s Christmas Advert 2014 – "Christmas is for Sharing"

Hmmm, what nice things could I say about this Christmas advert from Sainsbury’s? It’s a difficult advert to comment on as it  describes a part of World War One, but speaking to colleagues and friends they have thought it was an odd time of the year to show this type of event at Christmas (although it actually did happen!). 
It didn’t bring tears to my eyes, it doesn’t tell me this is all about Sainsbury’s (not sure if they could have added it to the chocolate wrap at the start of the ad. It’s just about a truce between the English and the Germans having a joyful time by singing, playing football and sharing stories during Christmas. I get it, but it will get the odd comment of distaste from the peeps who think this is not the right time to show this during Christmas (or maybe it is).

My colleague said to me “it must be a waste of time going to Sainsbury’s then!”. Uh oh. It doesn’t look good.
Nevermind Sainsbury’s… maybe next year…